Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Full Hazmat Shopping. Photo originated somewhere on FB last week.

The store looks fairly well stocked in this photo. I am guessing this is an older gentleman. He appears to be ready for "Covid-33."


Entering week #2 of quarantine, social distancing and living in The After. 

The president indicated in last night's speech that the cure should not be worse than the virus. Something to that effect. Sounds like common sense. Gives me some hope that we will not all go too far down the rabbit hole, but I would not bet on it. 

Made some chicken salad this morning from a can of chicken breast, mayo, chopped red onion and a big spoon full of home made zucchini relish. A splash of black pepper and then in the fridge till lunch. Stand alone meal for two, too. 

Frozen chicken strips out of the freezer and on the thaw for dinner. And so it goes. Some food from storage and some from the freezer. 

Up at 04:00 which is the norm here. We both have 8 hours of sleep and instead of staying in bed, we are up checking blogs and enjoying talking of current events. Good conversations and a wonderful way to start out a day.

Heavy wet snow starting mid-afternoon giving us the morning for any last minute outdoor chores. Plenty to still do as we are steeped in spring cleaning. 

Not ones for having nothing to do. There is always something to do around a home. Always.

Two cords of wood on order and filling the oil tanks. In keeping with this time of the season prepping for the coming winter. Once delivered, we can check off these two "must do" items. 


A daily shot of Fire Cider, spoonful of honey and cup of hot tea.

Will go to three teas mixed like this if and when flu symptoms appear. Until then, once a day, more for learning and testing than anything else. I want to make sure my system can cope and so far all is fine. It is made from all natural spices and ingredients. "You could look it up."

I woke this morning and for the first time (in a long time) was not stuffed up from mild allergies due to dust, etc. Old old time remedies, working with herbs said to aid improving the immune system and giving these mix of spices a try, will not hurt me. I am of the opinion it works.



Makes no difference this day that C19 or 7" of fresh wet snow on the ground: we are not going anywhere. Snow blower has been removed and it will be a cold cold day in New Hampshire before I put it back on. 
Wood stove constant at 500 degree F, blog checking on the temperature of the world and a small roasted chicken planned for dinner. 
Her and I enjoying each other's company and visiting with family and friends. 
Tomorrow is a new day.
Thanks for the visit. This is post #200 and goes to press w/o fanfare.
Morning sun and the trees are shedding the wet snow.

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