Sunday, March 8, 2020


Some 35 local students and a half dozen chaperones have returned from vacation in Italy. Northern Italy is currently one of world's hot beds for Corona Virus outbreaks.

School officials have requested that these students stay home for a week of self quarantine.  Another school has requested their students wait two weeks. (read The Wuhan near the end of today's blog)

That sounds like about the right amount of time for them to be coming down with visible sniffles. But this is what I would do if I was the school official. CYA sure, but what else can they do? Our youngsters have to return to school after vacation.

School work to continue electronically.

Are the parents still going to work? Are siblings going to school?

How many of those returning students and chaperones visited face to face with friends over the weekend? Shook hands welcome home and how was the trip, did you get some good photos, how was the food, did you see any sick people, did you spend time in crowds?
How many shopped at our local grocery stores pushing those baskets? Using those environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags? Gone to the post office? Pushed those buttons at the local gas stations? Purchased a slice of pizza, a big mac, croissant bacon egg and cheese, visited a mall? 

So.... "COVID-19!"

We thought ourselves safe here for awhile. Folks in the back country, protected by trees and long driveways. We were going to see all of this coming from miles and miles away and at the correct time, pull our safety trigger.

Reality is that life is going to go on like it has and does with the flu. I can days at local markets mingling with folks sneezing, coughing and looking like some character in a bad movie with red eyes, red noses and body language saying "I am sick as hell." 

The thinking ones sneeze in their coat, handkerchief or arm. Most other just let it go at will. Pictures of the spew of a sneeze comes to mind. Google or Bing sneezing photos. No, don't! 

Much of this feels like serious comedy.

Speaking of comedy. Thirty three minutes and you will not sit to watch the whole thing. My bet is that you will stay for the first few minutes and yes you will at least smile.



I found this paper and video from The Feral Irishman and on The Burning Platform.

Long read and half-hour video but worth the time for good back ground information on Corona Virus today. You may have to wade through some of the technical terms to stick with the read and the fellow on the bike talking of his research. I believe he is a biologist.



Stopped into our local Sam's store yesterday morning. Wanted a few things and to also replace a few food items that are past their due dates in our cupboards. 

I asked one of the workers if they would help me find canned tomatoes. While following that person, I asked how their supply chain was holding up. Really did not know how else to ask. I am curious. 

The answer was simple. "We have holes." Holes are shelves not topped off or product gone and no in-house re-supply to fill or top the "hole" off. The employee did not seemed phased, but rather matter of fact. No hint of a real problem beyond they "have holes."

I did not notice anything beyond these photos that would be note worthy. No more comment here beyond it be worth noting in the times we are living in. I look for these "signs of supply" inside any market place now.

I have never seen the Emergen-C shelf this low. Only two boxes left on the shelf early morning. I am a believer in this product for helping my immune system and if I feel a cold coming on, I start the 2 packets a day as prescribed. I believe it has helped minimizing my colds and flu's in the past.


I went to the VA Hospital in Manchester for a doctor's appointment later that morning. All seemed normal. There were lots of folks milling about in the hallways wearing badges and mingling. It was lunch time though so maybe all just normal. 

A hello handshake from the doctor. I checked out ok and we had a good visit like we always do. One nurse was wearing a mask ushering in patients. No big deal.

There we a lot of hand sanitation bottles on desks from entry, to the waiting room to exiting the hospital.


I took an old friend (B52 pilot Vietnam Era) to the VA Hospital in Manchester Friday to help him learn of his eligibility for VA health care and benefits.

The main doors were closed and signs pointed to one open entrance "for screening." The hospital had started a Covid-19 screening procedure for everyone entering the facility. Everyone!! 

We were met by a small group of 6 folks or so asking everyone 5-6 questions. Where have we traveled, have we been around folks who have traveled, etc. Simple screening and took no more than a few seconds each. Screeners were polite and answered curious questions from folks entering w/o issue.

Once inside we knew that everyone there had gone through the screening procedure. And no! They had not found anyone questionable needing further screening yet.

All the fear mongering on the media crap!! This VA hospital put together a procedure where everyone entering is quickly and simply screened. Reasonable and matter of fact. Move on!!!

Minimal minimal minimal coverage on the evening local news.



As this week has progressed, I see articles like this of empty shelves around the nation.   From Daisy Luther at the Organic Prepper 

A mixed drink recipe at the end of his article that I just have to try. Our fire cider gets bottled this weekend.



I have started turning on my VHF/UHF HAM radio daily now. 

Early morning to bedtime. I monitor one of Concord's main repeaters and an UHF frequency further south. The UHF frequency is common to many of our friends. If they pop up to chat, it will be on this freq. 

Quite by accident, a NH state hospital net checked in at 4 pm on the UHF frequency. Each major hospital was asked to check in with news to report or questions to discuss. Most all reported in with-in a few minutes with "nothing to report at this time." Any amateur HAM operator listening was also offered an opportunity to call in to check their ability to access the net, ask questions or offer information.

Hospitals not reporting in were covered by one of those who did to ensure that any pertinent information from this weeks net would get to them.

According to conversations, the hospitals have scheduled a meeting near the end of March on on Covid -19.

This net meeting is now on my watch (listen) list.

HAM is a good example of having another line of communication to monitor.


 Thanks for the visit and wash your hands.

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