Wednesday, November 10, 2021

VETERANS DAY 2021 - Vietnam Movie 2/20th ARA 1st Air Cav-1967

 Vietnam Movie. 2/20th ARA. 1st Air Cav-1967

Photos taken and compiled in 1967 serving with The 2nd of The 20th, ARA, 1st Air Cav. We flew out of An Khe, Bong Son, The An Lao Valley and Phan Thiet. Lyrics and music by Joe Galloway "God's Own Lunatics" from "The Shadow of The Blade"


Second tour of duty 1969. Just a few pics. 7/17th Cav


1ST AIR CAV 227TH. Spent many days flying with and in support of the two two seventh. A good video with music. Most realistic. Pay attention to troop drop off. All the flying is Spot on!! 

We provided the initial LZ Prep (covered the landing zone with 96 exploded rockets and machine gun fire just prior to the first troop ships setting down in that LZ), then: soon as the boys were on the ground another fire team was in contact and ready to deliver any fire support as needed. We were Aerial Artillery.


HILL 875

To all veteran's this day, thank you for your service to this great country. With highest respect and honor, I was most proud to serve my country along side of you. 

If you pass through this blog today, take time to reach out and personally thank a veteran for his/her service to this country. 

Thanks for the visit to YMATA this week.


  1. I worked with Border Patrol Agent who had been a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. I believe in this same time frame. His name was Tony R. DelBart, RIP.
    Any chance you knew him?

  2. Just found your blog a month or so ago. Thank you for your service, sir. Liking your blog very much. I served with the Army '81-'86. Mainly at Ft. Campbell and Gelnhausen, Germany.

  3. Welcome Home Brother! regards, Alemaster

  4. Awesome pictures and movies of your time there. I've shared this link with the younger veterans at the Legion post, just in case no one ever educated them about Viet Nam. Thanks.

    M-60 Tank crewman, '83-'87

  5. And thank you, brother. 12 years Army Medivac, flying Hueys. CNF