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Ventured with neighbor into his turnip patch this week. A good crop from just casting seeds in September. He asked if I like turnips and in all honesty I replied, "I do not know?" I have avoided turnips my whole life for absolutely no good reason at all. 

It is a root vegetable after all and I am a root vegetable fan. He said that he likes them raw. Just like a freshly pulled carrot. Seventy-seven years and I never knew. 

Dusted off, peeled with a pocket knife and slices cut just like an apple from the orchard. I asked for seconds and thirds until that turnip was gone. Great texture, maybe a hint of sweetness and then, in the back door, comes the slightest heat of horseradish. Every bite. There is also a hint of horseradish from the bunch sitting on the kitchen counter.

He filled a 5 gallon bucket with greens attached. I asked for a couple more. Neighbor said we will never eat 'em all before the freeze gets them. With a slight side smile he said we will not go hungry! (I will come back to this)



Bleed the meat on ice for three days and then her and I killed the whole small roast for lunch and dinner. Her rarely ever asks for more of anything. Rarely. But when these little steaks hit the table, she was taking her share off the top before I could even sit down. 

We had boiled red potatoes with butter and fresh parsley. A small bowl of mixed vegetables. Her ate steaks, then another, then another and I offered one of mine. She did not even make eye contact as her fork killed the last steak headed to her plate. 

Yea, like this!


1942 L-2 TAYLORCRAFT Over the bay just north of Bowerman Field. November 1979. Another good story here and will be told in future blogs. 



Mom and dad's.

Her and I.


Project completed. Eleven hundred color slides, photos and black and white negatives scanned and backed up twice. 

Shelves still full of other family work and play history to get to. A work in progress and I am enjoying visiting those times and getting a digital library to share with son. 

Will continue blogging with some more Vietnam photos and stories not already told, but not as major postings as in the weeks past. 

Will also continue to share other photos here from the past years of my life and living. From the amateur photographer in me and for the "love of the game."


I have always loved black and white photography. Dabbled in it in years past. 

I came to the realization that maybe the apple did not fall too far from the tree with my father and me. I realized this past week that dad was a photographer. Had an eye. As I think back, he always had a small camera with him. Always. Mom helped.

And as my life has slowed down now, I have time to just sit back and appreciate and realize what I think is good photography. Not pictures, but good photography.

You do not need to know anything about me to see stories in some of these photos. These too are timeless and historical representations of times gone by. Americana. An era.

1945/6. We were visiting a site outside of town where dad was topping trees, falling trees and logging. 

1947 guessing by my age. Mom and me. Most likely a weekend outing on the beaches near by. We were always on the roads on Sunday's to rivers and the beaches with friends.

Regardless, I do love the photography.


Cold winds blowing in the mornings, afternoons are one the reasons we moved to Texas. Beautiful, warm and pleasant. We spend a lot of time outside sitting and visiting. Much more than we ever spent while living in New Hampshire. 

Taking this photo with my cell phone just now taught me how I have always neglected cleaning off the camera lens of the phone camera. Tripled the clarity of photo taking. Who knew?

Rumors of turkey out of the oven, sliced and placed over mashed potatoes, seasonal homemade dressing and soaked in a triple coating of gravy. Hot homemade rolls torn open, drenched in pads of butter and the first bite of hot buttered roll properly drenched in said gravy.  Anticipation is again at work this season.

Appreciate the visit again this week. 

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