Sunday, June 25, 2017



"I believe God sent me here and I do not think about security."

I have watched this video a few times and there is nothing I can add. Next time the word "hero" is tossed out like chicken feed, think of this man; these men. 


"..................all braying for blood and violence. They want you gone and prefer you dead. Take them seriously. Black Lives Matter and the Alexandria ballpark shootings have put ambush-murder firmly on the table. Expect more. Look to your own safety. Stay away from crowds. Don't be anywhere near this. Keep Plan B close to hand. First out is best out. Be ready to roll."



Who Knew? But seems reasonable and worthy of reading. Easy to work around me thinks.

Just took the photo outside this morning after torrential thunderstorms yesterday.  While sizing in Photoshop, I see we have scapes. Homemade pesto very soon and all garlic needs for the next few weeks, will come from these.

Scapes need to be harvested for the good of the garlic bulb. I think it is a garlic sex thing. Much of the plant energy now goes into growing the scape. Harvesting the scape after it turns the "curly que", puts that growing energy back into the bulb. 

If you have not planted some garlic, find good larger bulbs at your local outdoor farmers markets over the weeks ahead. Ask if they are grown locally. Set them in a cool dark place for storage and plant just before hard freeze and winter sets in. Cover with straw and some kind of heavy wire on the top of the straw to hold it in place. Come spring, watch for sprouts through the hay and slowly remove hay layers as overnight freezing quits and warmer wet days of spring set in.  Be a better gardener than I am by weeding more often. 

Of all that we try to grow, garlic seems the easiest and most forgiving.



Over coffee and breakfast sandwiches, her and I discussed this last article we had read that morning. Shaking our heads while trying to drink coffee, a challenge these days. A few minutes reading this article will have you spilling morning coffee also.

Eighteen shoppers queried and then a Chicago Illinois law firm steps in. Illinois, the state gone beyond broke. Keep your eyes on this story.

So a 4x4 (4" x 4") is not a 4x4. Has never been a 4x4 for decades now. There are reasons a 4x4 is not a 4x4. Decades ago, a 4x4 came from the saw mill. Met certain structural requirements, but was a rough piece of lumber and never the perfect 4x4 as measured for consistency in building.

4X4's became 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" after all four sides where run through planers for smoothness and consistency of dimension. Most all other rough-sawn woods were reduced from their original mill-sawn industrial named size. 

Walk into Home Depot looking for 1x10's and the employee will take you to the 1x10's that measure 3/4" x 9 1/4". The large print on the stall most likely will say 1x10.

Clean water in Flint is not as advertised. "Health care" and you can keep your doctor! How about the inside of that burrito photo? Does that burrito you just purchased for lunch look like the photo? Your deli sandwich? The sandwich handed over the counter to you; does it look like the photo on the wall? And that gorgeous model most likely advertises differently than what he/she (species type) looks like in the morning? I digress.

And from recent experience, does that little handheld, battery-operated car vacuum cleaner really work as advertised? Screwed myself on that purchase and I knew better at the time.  No! It does not work as advertised. Not even close.

The 4x4! The 2x4! The 1x8 pine board! How about one coat covers paint! Go ahead here, name a few more items that are not as advertised.

A state gone broke and beyond repair now ravaging their business base. If this is the beginning of suing folks and businesses for things not being as advertised, then it's best businesses in Illinois, shut their doors, salvage what they can and move out - way out. 

Be careful where ya move though. Do your home work as other states are on the heels of complete financial and social failure too. My bet is that there are a few politicians and leaders of the pack that are wondering how to got out of Illinois in the weeks ahead with out being seen. 

Probably not too long now before a state border exit fee to get out. Papers on why you are leaving and are there relatives left behind?


Stay vigilant!

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