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I have often thought of my father's years and all that historically happened in his life time. The changes in the world and humanity were monumental. He built a life, adapted, coped and his life time were worthy of a book, had only I given thought to years of documentation and asking questions.

I sat down and recapped the history of my life time, thus far, to see if I could get a visual. It is the same history anyone born in 1945. We just took different paths once we were up and running. The larger historical events, over the course of these past years, have touched us all.

I have tried to omit most of the politics. Folks reading this will find events missing or items listed of no never mind. Different paths. Different views.

72 Years

Use of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki            WWII ended

The first Baby Boomers born         Berlin Airlift                First color TV

Princess Elizabeth became Queen                Segregation ruled illegal

First atomic submarine launched 

Polio vaccine given to children in a massive trial

Disneyland opened and McDonald's founded

Rosa Parks refused to give up seat on a bus to a white man

Elvis Presley               TV remote invented

My first airplane ride in a Cessna 120

The start of the space race in 1957 with the launch of Sputnik

NASA created                LEGOs introduced

Fidel Castro became the dictator of Cuba         First weather satellite launched 

Soviets shoot down Gary Powers in U2 Spy Plane

50 star flag comes to be with Hawaii admission into the union.

First televised presidential debate

First man made sub-orbital space flight       

John Glenn first US astronaut to orbit earth                 Cuban missile crisis

Reciting the lords prayer/bible verses became unconstitutional in public schools

Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech.

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.            Beatles arrive in America 

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) becomes world boxing champion

Civil Rights legislation banning discrimination in jobs, voting & accommodations

The Vietnam War       Medicare for folks over 65 and older begins        

First Super Bowl

USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea and holds the vessel still to this day.

Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King is assassinated

Neil Armstrong is the first man to set foot on the moon.

Internet is invented                          Voting age lowered from 21 to 18

Microprocessor chip developed        Watergate                 Roe vs Wade

Secretariat wins Belmont by 31 lengths.                

President Nixon resigned.                          Viking 1 lands on Mars

Microsoft becomes a registered trademark

Three Mile Island nuclear power plant partial meltdown

First space craft visits Saturn                         Mt. Saint Helen's erupts

Space shuttle first launch               IBM introduces first personal computer

Vietnam Memorial dedicated 

My son is born 

Sally Ride becomes first woman to travel in space

First versions of Windows operating system

Challenger space shuttle explodes on take off

First patent for genetic engineered animal issued

Exxon Valdez oil tanker goes aground in Alaska's prince William Sound

Berlin Wall built and dismantled               Hubble Space telescope placed in orbit

The Gulf War          World Trade Center bombed                Waco Standoff 

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act signed into law

NAFTA goes into effect               World Series canceled to baseball players strike

Oklahoma City domestic terrorism attack

Space shuttle docks with Russian space station

Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton

Osama bin Laden published fatwa                   Euro currency introduced

Tiger Woods - first golfer to hold all four major golf titles at the same time

WTC in New York City attacked                  Anthrax attacks by postal mail

USA and allies commence first attacks in War on Terrorism

Space Shuttle Columbia explodes upon re-entry.

Facebook                               Hurricane Katrina

Nancy Pelosi, first woman speaker of the House of Representatives

The 50 Star Flag becomes the longest flying flag in American History.

First African American President

Largest Oil Spill in American History in the Gulf of Mexico

Tea Party Movement          The end of the NASA space shuttle program

First license of cars without drivers                     3D Printing

Obamacare                           Ebola                          Terrorism

Media Fake News   Artificial intelligence    Drones     Cell phones    Social media

My shoulders run out of cartilage.


Yep, things missing and maybe some no never mind.

I heard it mentioned on the radio a few weeks ago, I think by one of the fellows what was sitting in for Rush, that for the past 72 years, our country and people have grown up, prospered and lived in times of peace. World War being the experience common to our ancestors, but not common for us.

Is it possible that during this time in our history, we have come to believe that all things peaceful rule order of the day? That enemies can be discounted through words and tolerance of violent behavior? That violence from one segment of our society is acceptable behavior towards another segment of our society? 

There is no long-term up-side of a country at war with itself. 


A Holographic Projection


Thanks for your time visiting here this week. Celebrate Independence Day 2017 with family and friends.


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