Sunday, July 23, 2017


Ruby was the little dog running with the big dogs last weekend at a pool party we were invited to. A fluffy dog and I am not sure what breed she is. I have always been a big dog fan. 

What caught my attention, that day, was that Ruby was running and swimming circles around the big dogs. She was a streak of blond moving through the black of dogs. And if dogs show their happiness through running and playing, it might be that Ruby was the happiest. 

When all was said and done, dogs relaxing in the shade, I could not help to notice that sopping wet Ruby tugged at my heart. I never want to pick up a little dogs and give love or the "oochy choochy talk." But this wet-haired muppet looked up and me and the "pick up the little dog" urge hit me. I did not because she was leashed and I had camera in hand. But on this day, Ruby got my vote. 


 "Dead Eye", as his grandparents call him, was given his first BB gun a few weeks ago. Grandpa has been teaching gun safety out of the box and DE is taking to it like a duck to water. Carries the BB gun a Port Arms and when on the move,  adjusts the direction of the gun when walking down gravel roads and trails as Grandpa and dad have taught. This is a big moment in the lives of young men. 

If you were ever given a BB gun, your first BB gun, and taught how to use it, then this moment will touch you as it does many folks who tell stories of being with parents and grandparents, out on the lands plinking sticks or shooting debris in the river. This time that youngsters spend in the company of the older generations cements forever. 

It is also a big moment for grandparents and parents watching the next generations take to old traditions. First driving of electric then motorized vehicles around the farm. DE and siblings learning how to plant a garden, feed the chickens, collect the eggs and help grandma make cookies and the joy of the little ones giving their first home made cake to dad for his birthday. There is deep goodness in these formative years for kids and full circle satisfactions for parents and grandparents. 

It is with pleasure some of us old folks sit back and enjoy moments like this. We know that there will be much transfer of knowledge to other life problem-solving moments for these youngsters. Some of that knowledge will have come from their time spent on the farm and with family. We also know that someday, these ways and stories of their first BB gun will be passed on around the family dinner tables and gatherings at evening outdoor camp fires. They will remember the first birthday cake they made for their father's birthday. Gets ya right here!! Tradition!! 



A flank steak will serve 4 folks and yield well done, medium rare and rare cuts. Photo above shows the rare middle of the steak. 
-marinate as you like and the trick is in the quick, high-heat grilling. I usually grill 4 minutes on either side and do not open the top while grilling.


Zucchini, yellow squash and bush green beans just now coming on. First pickings this week and looks like quite a few more meals ahead. Her uses the microwave bags and cooks for about 3 minutes with veggies sliced and sprinkled with salt and some olive oil. We also add a garden chopped green onion. Simple and heavenly.

All of our herbs are in full production, too. Cherry tomatoes just coming on mid-week along with Roma's. Hot, wet and humid weather here for awhile and the garden is loving it. What a difference. We had all but given up on any of what we planted, but it appears to me we were rushing summer.

There is no explaining the taste of homegrown garden vegetables. There is a crunch and freshness that is a part of what summer tastes like. 

Give the flank steak a try on the grill. Easy preparation and grilling. Great flavor. If you do not have the option to grow some of your own summer vegetables, then seek out a farm stand. You will help support local farmers and also enjoy this taste of summer.

The two containers of broth in the photo are from prepping fresh chicken for our Golden's daily meals.  Fresh/frozen chicken broth is one of this house's secret cooking ingredients.




If you are in a rush, fast forward to 16:00 minute mark where she starts her  routine.


A Great New England Week

Weather hot, some humidity and few thunder storms. All in all, one of the summer weeks we can boast of. Banana splits for dinner Friday night followed by a good movie.

Raided son's DVD collection and are good for a few weeks of older releases we have wanted to watch. Sooooooooooooooooo exhausted of all media.

Appreciate the visit and have a wonderful week.

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