Sunday, July 30, 2017


I asked our neighbor and good friend if I could take the photo above for this week's post. Told him that it is a good representation of Mother Nature taking over. It is the same here on our hill, but the camera liked this example. I also noted that there are only so many photos I can share around our home for blogging examples.

I had seen this above photo a week earlier helping him move a piece of equipment. Below is what I did not see that day.

 Bee Balm welcoming along the incoming driveway.

Black Eyed Susans and white Daisies.

More Susans.

And his wife's lily garden; the other half of the garden circling around to the right is a repeat. 

Their German Shepard announced my arrival outside of their house and out they came. I told her how beautiful her yard was in full bloom. And I am a guy and I do not think we (should not speak for others) guys are prone to noticing all of this. But the natural beauty she has brought out over her years of planting and gardening has also taken over.  It is magnificent. Add here a few chickens clucking and the squawking of guinea hens.


Mother Nature has here way along our country back roads and is easy to find just for the looking. 


We built our home eons ago. Seems eons. The property looked like a war zone when all was said and done. The land had been logged a few years previously for the cream of the crop trees. We blew the top of the hill off for home placement. There was nothing but ledge and big rock where we stood and looked at the ridge lines and peak of the hills that formed our view to the south. But that view and that spot was where we wanted to set roots. Boom, the rocks were turned to pebbles and our new home began.

We moved in late fall that year. Early photos show the new house with a few survivor trees around the site. Sparse and not our vision of the new home located in beautiful green, New England fall foliage and white winters.


I took this photo that first winter. I was learning PhotoShop and played with this to become Christmas cards that season. It is a good representation of fifteen years ago.

Same with our neighbors and friends above. New home built and area wounded from construction work. They are close by in rural measurements. Now too nestled in overgrowing and encroaching green. Do not get me wrong. Here and there, all of this is breathing taking beautiful. Peaceful, quiet and just a few minutes away from as much hustle humans want or need.  But Mother Nature, left unchecked, is always on the march.


This is our view today, looking from that front porch. This also a good photo showing how the forest turns black black just a few feet in. A rainy day helps the effect.


Ol' Remus #488 opening remarks. 


Thanks for the visit. What needs to be run/ran or charged up this week?

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