Sunday, June 18, 2017


I repeat myself.  Soon, I will be able to just re-publish one of my old posts links each week. 

Summer time and this week we are in the heat. Mother Nature is taking note and doing what she does after weeks of spring soaking. It is a time to step back and take note. I do that stepping back much easier and more often now than I ever did as a young man. I never get tired or bored of watching her, mother nature. 

Tomatoes watered this morning before the heat sets in. Rings on the metal tomato brackets tell me of noticeable growth just over night. An inch easily.  Zucchini and yellow squash sport new center green growth. Flowers around the yard give off life with out even trying. Herbs ready for some harvesting for meal times. A time in my life now where I so appreciate the simple beauty this world sets forth.

In the After After, beings happening upon this property will find it consumed of vegetation. Thick roots rounding everything man built and slow consumption and deterioration of a home once lived in. Will they wonder who lived here and what life was like back then? I sure hope so. 

Maybe I should engrave a rock saying, "Life was good, 2017." Lord knows this part of the country can grow some rocks.


I have read that celery stalk left overs can be re-planted. Carrots, too. So is it so? Yes it is. Also lettuce stalks.

Truth be told, I am a kid in a candy store when it comes to trying something like this. With nothing more than a will to find out for myself, a little garden dirt, water and sunshine. The celery stock above is an inch and a half in length and was set into the garden a little over a week ago. That is all I did. No muss, no fuss.

Go ahead. Put some good soil in a pot and set it on your deck where the sun shines. Put in a couple celery stalk end pieces; a few left over carrot ends. Keep it watered and enjoy. It is free and you are growing something; something you can eat. 

I will talk daily now to the celery, along with the onions, garlic and other growing vegetable family members. Going on week three in June 2017. I will talk to the flowers, too, for they bring on the bees. Yep, those are weeds between celery and onion.


THE MORNING CALL TO LIFE happens daily and has for as long as I can remember here on the hill. At 04:32, a bird of some sorts, who must live close outside our bedroom window, starts the daily call to life. Three chirps, pause then three chirps. My first roll over to the awakening starts. If I have checked once, I have checked the clock a dozen times and the little bird gets an "atta bird" for timing, consistency and dependability. More of Mother Nature's choreography and conducting.

Some daylight advancing as his/her whistle chirping continues. After about a half hour, the chirping sounds as if the little bird has turned to sound in another direction and then, much further off in the distance. Maybe another post position from which to announce. Then quiet.

Five AM breaks with the wife quietly getting up, house creaking from her movement, kitchen lights on and the oh so important coffee kettle gasps the first perk. If I wait long enough, the smell of fresh coffee arrives in the bedroom. 

This morning bordered on working similar living conditions in The After. I/we have been too lazy to go to the store this week for milk, creams and a basic here and there.  Her has run out of coffee cream. She does have to share with the cat and that extra consumption from her corner of the fridge might just been the difference. The last can of evaporated milk from the shelf saved the morning as she mixed that into her first cup of coffee. Eyebrows raised on the first sip and the first taste and cups of coffee this morning from her vantage will be just fine. BUT to the store before lunch today is job two or three.


I strive for good final thoughts with each blog ending. A way of capsulizing some sense from the week past; an opinion or way of putting my stuff away. And I did again this week and just know deleted it all. Seemed too much and did not quench my want of a good ending. 

Yesterday I happened on one of the blogs I read and rank at the top of the kind of reading and writing I am drawn to. Some folks can so easily hit the nail on the head. I ramble too much. Talk too much. Take too long. I know that.  See!!

For me this week, -HIGHCOUNTRY BLOG- does it better than I could ever hope to achieve. Enjoy. Look at some of the other stories here. Like a good friend sitting and story telling with imagery.

Fresh fruits, corn and vegetables are coming to our outdoor markets around the country now. Take time to stop in, support local growers and workers of the land. Treat yourself to these times of the season.

Watch the world you walk in this week.

Thanks again for visiting YMATA.

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