Sunday, June 4, 2017


"What's for Lunch?" yesterday caused me to go to the pantry and check out remaining stock. My wife yearned for the old zucchini relish we canned years ago and she thought we were out.

Fresh corn chips from the grocery store also caused me to pull and push jars, finding the last home canned jar of salsa.

We found that we are down to our last jars (summer of 2011) homemade zucchini relish (forefront center in photo above) and our last jars (summer of 2013) of homemade salsa (front lower right). Canned corn and beets gifted from Sometimes is getting low too. Homemade pickles, pickle relish and applesauce still OK, although stock is down.

My wife loves hot dogs.  She says she can live on hot dogs in a no fuss no muss world of worrying about what to eat. I join her often, especially when she adds chili, melted cheese and a little chopped onion. 

A buttered toasted hot dog bun loaded with two spoonfuls of homemade zucchini relish and hot dog placed squarely in the middle is a treat. Here on the hill the lunch counter goes silent for a few minutes during consumption. The only distraction allowed is the dog waiting for bare endbites of the last hot dog bun. 

Time to can again this summer. Two dozen jars of ZR and salsa each for starters.  We are also out of my wife's blueberry and strawberry jam preserves. A small jar serves one breakfast when home madebread comes out of the toaster. Several weekends now will be dedicated to chopping, mixing, stirring, tasting, canning and replenishing shelves.

The photo above is a bare pantry in our world where one is none and two is one. 


The "cray cray world" blather postings will have to wait this week. Seems the days have filled with things to do and final garden planting. Sun on the trees and breeze beckons this morning to get outside and function. Chores have their hands up, no matter where I look. 


Stay the course. 



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