Monday, April 25, 2022


 Loren Allred on BGT 2022

I wonder if this performance will be clouded with her already being a professional singer. Golden Buzzer and all. Regardless, always a beautiful rendition of "her song."

Another performance. Easy to watch and listen to. I think sung better here than on BGT.

I am going to have to follow her this season out of curiosity and to just to hear her sing.

Another excellent Golden Buzzer moment.



An Easter dinner not planned.

Wife covered the leftover roast with the dregs from the roasing pan and  put it to rest below. Habit!

A quick trip to town just prior to Easter Sunday to pick up a few basics. We found prime rib roasts on sale. $5.99 a pound. Picked out two beautiful 6 lb. roasts and an Easter dinner planned itself. 

I enjoy prime rib from time to time. Who does not? But no matter how properly seasoned or cooked, the roasts always seem lacking in the perfect prime rib flavor for me. 

This time though we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the roast. One hundred percent perfect in flavor. Well-done portions to rare rare.  Melt in your mouth and all that.

The perfect prime rib roast does exist but apparently not every time, at least for us. That flavor promise is what brings us back especially when on sale. 

Her said several times that we will most likely not see these prices again. 

A dozen garlic clove shards set in slits throughout the roast. A light coat of olive oil hand rubbed in. Then sprinkled with DASH Garlic and Herb seasoning bend and hand-patted into the roast surfaces. Let set one hour before cooking.

Into the oven at 425F degrees for 15 minutes and finished the 2 1/2 hour bake at 375.

The above mentioned DASH seasoning is worth having on the kitchen shelf. We find it universal for meats, soups, stews and vegetables. Again, not pushing a product. Just sharing personal opinion. 


An early harvest. Onions not fully developed, but I have decided to start using as meals may dictate. Scalloped potatoes needed this onion. Also an abundance of greens that bleed fresh flavor from this single onion. 

Cabbage, onions and potatoes.
Fresh and hot!


QUICK FIX to keep deer from eating the lemon trees.

The lemon trees in their new permanent home are budding wonderfully. We have one buzzy bee we see in the afternoons working both trees. Time will tell.

AIRSPEED under sail some where in the Bahamas.


ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT IS COMING? A half-hour of your time well spent and think of adding his situation reports to your weekly reads. 

The 3rd and 4th quarters of this year are just around the corner. Time is short.


'Tis the season for potato salad. I used red potatoes this time with fresh garden onion and parsley. The bride says this salad is always perfect, but using red potatoes has raised the bar. "Best ever." Vern always said that "every bite must have crunch, a piece of pickle and egg" to qualify for a top notch potato salad. This salad is always best the second day. 


It's a PTA folks!! I will stick with my hot, warm, fuzzy feeling showers thankyou.


Gifted fresh bee honey on dollar, add water-only biscuits. It is all about the honey. Heaven!

It has been a week of having some place to go every day and not being able to get to my last garden chore, planting pole beans. I gave up a day of fishing to finish this project. The growing season waits for no one. 

Two home made bins for pole beans. Filling bin #2 and completing the major garden planting. We do have two planting seasons so in a prefect world, I will get to more planting in July. 

A wonderful east Texas rain soaks the land this morning. 

Late post this week. Appreciate the visit and God Bless!

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