Sunday, April 10, 2022



The link above was found on Bayou Renaissance Man blogpost. In keeping with this "the after" postings, I found this link leads to other excellent reads on the upcoming food shortages that will impact all of us. 

Rather than run down one of the many rabbit holes on this subject here, I think his post covers it well and you can dig as deep as you want for your personal concerns and actions. 

If all of this is coming in the 3rd/4th quarter of this year, then there is little time left to become fully self-sufficient. I have been visiting and harping on this for years. 

Planned Starvation  Another good read. But disturbing. 

My blog plan this week was to include many quick links here that speak to all that is coming. No good news regarding the end of this year, let alone after.

Taxicab Depressions and an article written in 2014 "The Pig Trap" that is worth the time to read.  

Mid-week I asked neighbor about the costs of the fertilizers he uses. He said that fertilizer was $500 dollars a ton and is now $1000 a ton.  



"A real "eye-talian treat."

Left over spaghetti and a grilled lunch hotdog. I would never in a million years thought of putting these two items together had it not been for Sheldon Cooper. Just had to try it. Surprisingly tasty mix of flavors.

Wife is learning breadmaking


Back roads of east Texas scenery.



Estate/garage sales on Thursday mornings. Neighbors and us always on the roads early. An outing and great visiting. Much laughing. A doughnut stop on the way home.

These two hand pruners were found in a box of rusted tools. A buck a piece. Not working, rusted shut. Did I mention a buck a piece?

They are older obviously. Feel different in the hand. Old school. Smaller yet heavier. Handles indicate little use. My bet is that the steel in these two tools is of a higher grade than those on the store shelves today. 

To the work bench when I got home. A kid with new toys! 

Took the nuts/bolts off (design allowed for maintenance/sharpening). To the belt sander for light cleaning. Edges came back to razor sharpness with little effort. If I had a wire wheel, I would have better cleaned surface rust. 

WD40 and a half sheet of 100 grit sand paper to the task. Re-assembled. Nut and bolt properly tightened. 

Grandpa would be most proud. Every garden tool he ever made or purchased was always cleaned, sharpened and oiled for protection. It was sin to use then put back on the garden tool rack dirty. Tools once had to last a life time and did so through pride and TLC.

Both pruners live now on the side-by-side tilt bed. These are mine. Her is welcome to use them anytime she wants. In a perfect world, I should be able to find one sharp hand pruner as needed where needed. Every time I use one of these, a little happiness will be attached. The mechanical function of  matching parts is flawless.


"Times they are a changin'." Thanks for the visit this week. God Bless.

FYI. Wife called the butcher regarding advertised split chicken breasts. Butcher said that major supplier is not producing split chicken breasts anymore.  

Soup made from those chicken breasts just yesterday. Garden fresh greens.


  1. It's possible in the near future that Sheldon's meal will be a delicacy. I'm trying to prepare accordingly. Much satisfaction in resurrecting and using old tools. Thanks for your blogging efforts,I enjoy it.Allan

  2. Bought a pair of bypass pruners about 30 years ago at a garage salle for a quarter. Still use them. secret is to keep them away from the lady that leaves her tools out in the rain.