Sunday, April 3, 2022



Thirteen crappie inside two hours of fishing. Older gentleman knows how to fish. Period. He had three bagged by the time neighbor, his bass boat and I arrived at the piers under the overpass. Dropping small bait fish, hanging on a bobber, right alongside cement piers. 

Neighbor and I did some of the same and then moved towards big lake docks and dropping/casting inside and next to dock posts. Neighbor caught two this day and me. Well, I have much to learn of east Texas fishing. 

I need to simplify all that I am doing. Drop the right bait, hanging at the correct depth next to structures in the lake. Longer, lighter pole, maybe.  

I was talking with my wife about looking for a small used affordable bass boat. Because of honey this and honey that and a little bit of "wow" and "oh boy" and old man charm. Trying to say all the right things. I believe in the long run I will have as much success with all of this as I did fishing on this day. 

And I have to admit, it is ok. But always fun to look at toys. Always. And more engines and machines to take care of does not hold any interest for me.

When I catch my first catfish or crappie, you will hear about it. The lakes we fish are no more than 10 minutes away. 



A quote from my wife. She has a way of putting living a life into words that I would struggle to do. It would take me paragraphs to come close to giving such advice. I get it. Understand it. Have lived it. Living it. But passing it along to others? 

Itchy Boots an excellent episode post. Travel logs I have shared before. This episode is full of wonderful photography, music and adventure shared. She is "big enough" to live a life, huh? I am amazed at the skill sets she has developed over her years riding a motorcycle around this world. 


I found the above article posted on Knuckledraggin My Life Away.

There was/were days in our history where adventures like this story were common. Take the time to read and enjoy good storytelling. Share. 

If there is a deep dream inside of you and you are still young, my advice is to give yourself permission to do the adventure. You will not regret it. Take a lot of photos and write the story. Age will take away adventures you can live now. 


Morning pancakes from a pouch.

Quick. Easy. Add one egg and some milk. Mix and into the frying pan. EOTW worthy. Some pouch mixes just require water and they too are good eats. Butter and syrup a must in my pancake eating world. Left over batter next day. NOT SO MUCH.

My wife and I have taken this movie clip to heart.   We laugh out loud every time we find ourselves saying this to clarify a moment during these crazy days we live in. 


SV AIR SPEED AT ANCHOR this past week.

Captain says he is having a hard time getting pics and text messages to send from that corner of the world. Damn those first world problems, huh? 



Shopping yesterday at this season's opening of our town's local farmers' market!! 

We jumped on three bunches of fresh garden carrots from this seller. He had to drive 1.5 hours one way to work this market. His costs have most likely doubled since a year ago. 

Local local local will become more and more important in all of our lives. Best to help foster relationships and support these local vendors. Three bunches of carrots fresh from the ground. 

"Those were the days my friends. I could tell you stories of the easy and simple times we lived in."



It has been a year now, give or take. My wife has become the main guardian in their lives, having taken over the care and feeding since they left momma cat. 

The sisters roam together. Have taken to their corner of this world. Dead critters appear daily at our doorsteps now and they are experts at getting into everything. 

My wife has an "it's ok they are just being cats" approach to all of this until the cats started eating her lemon grass plants the same day she brought them home. 

Pointing, finger-shaking and gruff voice shooshing with one cat receiving the lightest of taps on her cat bottom. Ohhhhh the severity of these scoldings!!

Lemon grass is a delicacy in cat world.


Gardens coming on the lands here. More on this and that in the weeks ahead. 

Appreciate the visit this week. 

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