Monday, February 8, 2021


Many say "No way!" "Can't be done."
Have you ever heard that before?

How many businesses in your neck of the woods have signs posted, like the one below, on their front entrance door? 

The next door Mrs. brought over a homemade coconut cream pie. My wife had earlier mentioned that this is one of my favorite pies. The next day this pie was starting a very short life span in our kitchen. 

No more difficult to make two batches of bread than one. The loaf was delivered to same neighbor for no other reason beyond these are just some of things we do living in east Texas as a no never mind. Besides, gives us an opportunity to chat awhile about much of nothing. 

The Mrs.' husband had just returned from a few days bird hunting in West Texas with stories of how three of their dogs got hit hard by porcupines. He said he now has dog sedatives and tools to do the work himself. Folks are seriously self sufficient here in the Piney Woods. 

Removing porcupine quills is a nasty job and one has got to have a heart for the poor dog going through the one at a time extraction. Make that three dogs. 

He is a fan of our homemade bread.


Not much ranting and raving this week. To what end? 

We are "off grid" now completely from all TV media. The off button still works wonderfully and in all honesty, none of it is missed. Blogs keep me updated on stuff in general and the headlines suffice most of the time. I am most likely repeating this too often here.


We have witnessed what a daily dose of constant watching news tv, coupled with home self-imprisonment for months, can do to the once healthy mind. The rejection of many human interactions and sociability have become outwardly apparent. Masking rules and social distancing rules have taken root.  

There is no substitute for visiting/sharing ideas and the give and take that used to come from conversations and general banter among long time friends.

I have learned and pondered a million things from the conversations I have had over my lifetime with like-minded and not like-minded folks. It is very healthy to explore many points of view for living a life. It has worked well for 75 years.

In all fairness we all can still live a life we want to live and we should. But I for one miss the old interactions, laughing, joking, socializing and gatherings among long time friends from times gone by. 


It is easy now to get lost in chores and housework maintenance, baking, cooking, garden building, weed pulling and afternoon napping. A cold beer here, glass of white wine there, morning pot of coffee and spending time with new neighbors laughing and visiting. 

Time to plant lettuce, strawberries, onions and radishes. But coldest temperatures yet forecasted here are coming and we do not want to lose our initial planting to frost.

Wife has planted some Pampas grass out front and it has taken off. We will be completing a line of that along the yard/woods line. Actually looks quite nice.

White clover covering of small front yard just after this coming freeze, too. We are told it takes over and weeds are not a problem. 

So, no lack of things to do for the body and mind. East Texas living!

Appreciate the visit this week.


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