Sunday, February 28, 2021


Shut down in 2018, 1.8 GW of Texas coal-fired capacity, headed for the scrapyard. Could easily supply 500,000 homes; give or take. All the infrastructure still in place.

China has 2,363 coal fired- building 1,171 more... Total = 3,534
USA has 15      - building 0 more...     Total = 15  



Go ahead, turn on the news!!

The combined world has got be laughing their asses off at us.



The bride's foot surgery went as planned. Trip home fine. Pain meds good. 

I am not a fan of spiders and snakes. Now add to that a steel pin in one of my wife's toes that the doctor has adorned with clown nose. Pin goes in somehow somewhere for awhile and then is taken out. How in the hell does that happen?  

I am paranoid while helping my wife move around, that we catch that pin on something, she will fall and her foot will come off. My wife will scream and I will faint dead on the floor. Sooooo, we are ohhhhh so careful. She will not share her meds. 

Next appointment tomorrow for a look see and re-bandage. 

I think Texas has some of the best everyday folk and neighbors in the country. Breakfast casserole was delivered Thursday night (with instructions) for Friday morning. Pineapple-banana energy boosting smoothie, too!  No cooking for me. 

Her brother, from Dallas, came out a day early to help his wife deliver brisket and a pot of Mexican soup with chips. No cooking for me. 

We have several wonderful, just down the road, neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Cattleman and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas. 

Mrs. Cattleman and Mr. Cattleman brought over the breakfast casserole. Then Mrs. Cattleman's mother's recipe meatballs, potato casserole and peaches and whipped cream dessert.  Mrs. Cattleman and my wife are like two junior high girls who cannot help but constantly laugh and giggle in each other's company. Mr. Cattleman and I are on our own during any visit. We do just fine with man talk, but watching my wife having fun in a purest form puts a smile on my face. 

Mrs. Dallas made and Mr. Dallas brought over home made soup for lunches. Lemon vodka shots just in case (heh). No cooking for me. 

I have let everyone know that I will be very sick starting the middle of this coming week and will not be able to cook. Have said how much I like prime rib and home made spaghetti. Warm homemade apple pie has always helped me heal so much faster. 

In all honesty, if I told Mrs. Cattleman this, with a straight face, there would be prime rib at our door step this coming week and she would have that shit eating grin on her face to let me know she is not a gal to ever come in second on anything. To include a practical joke. I would have no come back. Game over!!

So life is good this past week in east Texas. Wife on the mend having two new foot repairs in two years. She brags there is nothing left to fix. 

I have not said a word!!


Rain this past week. A couple inches after planting strawberries and radishes. I think my lemon trees are not going to make it. The hard freeze, even though inside the shed with heater, did not helped. Some bugs/blight and I have been treating as recommended. Just don't know. 

I may have saved the onion crop. Trimmed off all dead frozen tops. Stalks look green and strong. We will see.

More greens being advertised in the local feed stores. Time to get them planted too. I am behind.

Been a gigantic month for blog hits here. A little over a thousand or more a month the norm. This past month, 8200 hits. Anomaly?

Already March. Clocks turned up one hour soon. Sun higher and higher each day. Except for un-foreseen events, winter in east Texas lasted 10 days. 

Thanks for the visit.

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