Sunday, February 21, 2021



Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. Excellent video and music.


Found on I think the Bettye LaVette version is gold! 

Take 5 minutes of your time and crawl into the music and lyrics with her. How far down do you have to reach inside to sing like this?


Shared via a friend up north from his cousins in AR. Thank you Dennis and Kim and your sense of humor. Great story telling. 


I stopped by at our local chain grocery store after checking the mail Friday. I was curious more than anything. They were not overly busy. 

A lot of empty shelves. Meats (except some pork) all gone. Most all dairy and eggs gone. Some bread, one loaf per customer. Fine. 

Feeding a family was still doable. Canned goods, frozen goods and other assorted food items to get through a few more days. Not sure how all of this held out through this weekend. 

I talked to one of the gals working there and she said they were not going to get a shipment until Monday. 

Generally speaking, the normal shipping of goods and services has been challenged here in Texas. Probably going to take some time to get back to normal. 

Snow and ice melting into the mess that follows storms like the ones passing through this past week. Friday was the last "hard freeze" from this event.

From what I have seen, folk here in east Texas and the Piney Woods have not lost power. 

I have learned that all the roads in and out of Dallas and surrounding towns are fine. Our small area still has snow covered roads now on the melt this weekend.

One of our neighbors says that he has never seen weather here in East Texas like we had last week. Never that much snow and never the extreme cold. Covers the past 75 years. 



We were treated to a gallon of raw milk, three inches of cream settled on the top and a dozen and a half of fresh brown eggs "from up north of here." There has been an exchange of foods within the neighborhood during this storm. Neighbors checking on neighbors. Kitchen cooking is a way to pass time and the sharing gets folks out of the house and down the road to visit. 

The raw milk memories of 60-70 years ago instantly brought back at the receiving of an ice cold gallon of fresh from the cow, milk. A few quick shakes and the cold glasses of milk are heaven. Just heaven. Full flavor and body. 

Fried fresh eggs glow in the frying pan and are in of themselves another treat. 


HT to The Feral Irishman. Thank you.

And thankyou to you for your visit today. 


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