Friday, February 19, 2021


Before you read the blog today, open this, full screen, sound up. Maybe you have seen it, maybe not. Regardless, it never ever gets old. 


Find the driveway and the main road. Snowing again, although hard to tell in this pic. (earlier this past week)

Several things I knew for sure leaving NH and moving to Texas was that I would never ever have to deal with snow and freezing temperatures. I had heard that February in Texas was winter, but for the most part, a no never mind. 

I also knew with great certainty that I would not need nor want the Dodge truck and thus left it behind on the first trip south. There would be no need to do man maintenance things/build things/fix things and haul things. Nope, all of those days were behind me. 

We were gonna travel and eat our way through the southern states. Answer to no one. Some chest pounding when the left shoulder would allow. 

Wellll; any kind of self sufficient living nearly impossible without a pickup truck in Texas. And this week, again mucking through snow clearing paths, and working new home systems to keep them running. Hands so cold coming back into the house that I cannot unzip my boots. 

The wife helps unfurl old NH winter clothes we had brought with us. Wet clothes into the dryer and a hot cup of tea to bring my fingers back. Snowing again because it can. Storm #2, bless its heart!
Complaining? Nope! Story telling. 

Would not change a day in this passing year for love nor money. We are happy as clams at high tide. But it does appear that a few of my original assumptions are in an adjustment stage. The old adage of never say never is as true as ever. 

With advice from friends up north and the help of a great neighbor, our pipe freezing problem was soon solved and hot/cold water back on line. Advice from the company that installed the septic system provided a cure and within an hour the purging of the clear water from the sprinkler system was working. I am not sure that it wasn't probably working that whole time. 

Regardless, now know the system better for winter watch.

Old school fix. Those old 100W incandescent light bulbs used because they give out just enough heat to prevent freezing and not damage equipment. 

My parents use to hang a 60W bulb behind the old wash machine in the garage and it always kept it from freezing.


Pathways shoveled, cars cleared of snow load and running for a half hour each. 

Wife's brothers have been hours and hours without power because of rolling blackouts in Dallas. Other problems will persist into the thaw. Millions without power, and so many not prepared. The hundred year storm that is sometimes talked of, happened this week across Texas and bordering states. 

Locally our largest food outlet store did not open early in the week due to employees and trucks not being able to show up for work. Other shops also closed. Roads snow covered like the empty fields they border. Local chain outlet from where I top off our small tank propane; out of fuel with no idea on next delivery. East Texas days in a holding pattern.

Three "fattyfatfatso" (my bride's bird identifier) birds came to the front porch a couple days ago. Now all of their friends are showing up throughout the day. Just fine with us. We do love the little creatures and will also improve on their winter feeding stations. For now it is some seeds and oatmeal on the edge of the porch. 

Local road conditions mid week. No snow plowing of any kind here.


There has always been "prepping" talk regarding the food supply chain. This past week across the south and up the east coast, this chain has been challenged and compromised for at least 3 full days, more likely 5. Shelves empty, no trucks arriving for re-supply and minimal staff to work. 

Longer term, add the loss of future food production due to this past weeks storm, spikes in fuel shortages and higher prices for gas, propane and electricity. 

Here in the after it has been chicken and beef soup, homemade bread and eating everything we had in the fridge. Chopped, sliced, cooked, spread, seasoned and added to the table. We have taken treats to neighbors and have had treats delivered our door step. All with a smile and is there anything you need? People are awesome and wonderful. 

Wx station frozen all of last week.

Friday morning sun finally! Warm up on the way.

Compared to many folks, we weathered all of this quite well. More to follow as the thaw ends this mess with its own mess. 

Thanks for the visit this week.



  1. I've lived in Texas all my life. I can remember about a half dozen of these events in my 60 plus years, and they all seem to catch people by surprise.

  2. A prepper mindset will get you through most calamities. Guessing you are better off than most..stay warm my friends and avoid crowds

  3. Looks like dark-eyed juncos from the feeder.