Sunday, January 26, 2020


I have loved model making since I was a youngster. The model of the Voyager aircraft above was built some 34 years ago. The around-the-world flight was in the news then and I followed closely the Rutan brothers composite airplane construction and this around-the-world non-stop flight attempt. 

My renewed interest, this aviation milestone and this post stem from home clean-up and boxing for moving plans this year. This model, along with other favorites, are being cleaned up, prepped for boxing and protecting. They all will find a new home hanging from the ceiling or proudly displayed in some kind of man office or rec-room. 

The main wing in the model above is one solid piece and goes through the center of the main fuselage and twin booms. The front canards were tightly fit into place, marked for symmetry and then glued. The propellers were handmade using a pocket knife and some time whittling and sanding. 

This model, when hung in the house, never stops moving. The slightest breeze causes it to twist and turn. She will get a new coat of paint and some TLC before being displayed in her new home.

Here are a few videos of this aviation accomplishment 34 years ago. 

Frontiers of flight...Rutan Voyager Part 2 of 4 

Frontiers of flight...Rutan Voyager Part 3 of 4  

Frontiers of flight...Rutan Voyager Part 4 of 4 

Voyager flying non stop around the earth, 1986 


 "The 100' Wally Tango..."

Two minutes of magnificent sailing to wonderful music. 


I am not a poem person.  But this poem strikes the center of the heart. It may be because I am on the shy side of 75 years old. 

Take a moment and give this a read. Maybe even copy and paste for future reading, sharing and use. I find more truth to all of this that I ever would have as a younger man.


CORONAVIRUS 01/26/2020

Twelve cities and 35 million people quarantined in China according to internet headlines and reports this morning.  

Read Raconteur Report here for another perspective. He is worth visiting from time to time.

This virus is worth keeping an eye on and watch the quarantine as  government  controls movement of people "for their own safety and good" yadda yadda yadda. Consider media hype, should all of this intensify in the days ahead.
Stay away from crowds, and consider how having to stay put for several weeks would impact you and yours. 

Today and this week you can most pick up anything for home use/need w/o issue. You can also communicate with anyone w/o issue. Plan accordingly. 

Thanks again for stopping by this week.

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