Sunday, January 5, 2020


 Fati - Man (Norwegian Fatti-man cookies)

I vow every year to make these cookies as they are my all-time favorite. I have not done so yet and can only offer excuses.

There are plenty of recipes for these on the net to include the deep frying in a shallow pan and then dusting with powdered sugar. Mom and dad use an cast iron skillet.

The recipe above was handed down from my grandmother on my father's side, the Norwegian side. 

Watch a video or two if you want to try these. I guarantee that once you add these to your Christmas and New Year baking, your peeps will want them every year. 
BLENDING IN- Game park near Johannesburg SA 2007


This fellow has some design and building talent. Plus, he is just fun to watch and listen to.

1956 CHEVROLET  My first car.

Blue and white with a 265 cu in V-8, twin-barrel carb and three on the floor. The photo above was taken after having the car for several years. I was returning home from Tacoma visiting a friend. A gas station attendant did not properly close and lock the hood after gassing up and checking under the hood.

No sooner did I get on I-5 South, the hood flew open, buckling the hood and denting the top of the car. Broke my heart pulling into our driveway with the car looking like this.  

After repair and necessary body work, I chose a solid blue color which was a mistake from the original paint job. Too late then to turn back. She was a beautiful car though and provided a great first car for a kid of the sixties.


My third car.

The 55 Chevy Panel Truck was bright yellow with wood side-paneling.
Under the hood was a built 409 cu in engine with a tri-power carburetor and headers.

Four on the floor, two bucket seats and fully carpeted inside. Street slicks and mag wheels to finish it off. This car ran like a ruptured duck and was the most fun car I have ever driven. 

Of all the cars I have owned over the years, this is the one I want back.

The Army, flight school and Vietnam got in the way and I only had the car a few months before having to sell.

Ironically, I met the kid who had built this car while on R&R in Hong Kong. We passed each other on one of the main down town streets.(He, too, was in the service and also there on R&R) It is a small world.


Seven months later, I was in the Army helicopter flight program with new experiences and toys to learn and play with.  

Thie photo to the right was taken as we started working the flight line half of each work day.   

Learning to fly and then soloing was job one.

Solo work entailed flying to one of the designated training areas and practicing what we had been taught previously during the week. In this photo, I had landed on a pinnacle, set the engine to idle and frictioned it down. 

Getting out of the helicopter to look at the small area and plan a pick up to a hover, 180 hovering turn and take off was part of the procedure. 

These were the quick kind of take-offs, lifting up, turning and flying off a 500' ledge, dropping altitude and gaining air speed.

In December that year, I arrived in Vietnam as a twenty year old warrant officer/pilot to began my year tour of duty UH-1B Huey gun ships. 

I was assigned to the 2/20th Aerial Rocket Artillery with 1st Air Cavalry  Division.

See the muzzle flash burn mark from the door gunner's  M-60 machine gun.


I just found this blog of a young woman riding her motorcycle around the world. Not sure of the details. I think this is her home page


She does a very good job of filming and narrating. I feel like I am riding along with her on this adventure. She makes all of this look very easy. 

My wife even likes her videos and that, in of itself, is worthy of sharing here.

Tree top a little bent from freezing rain/sleet/snow. The tree limbs are all covered in the background and make for short-lived snow covered landscapes.

Four inches of fresh sleet snow on top of 2" frozen sleet snow/rain and still snowing at 09:00. 

So, at the time of this writing, I have decided to drink the last dregs of morning coffee, set the pot of chicken soup on the back burner for lunch and wait till the event is done. 

My son called and said he cannot walk his snowblower through this mess and too has decided to stay warm and house-bound. 

We both filled necessary groceries for a few days and like a million other folks dealing with this mess. We are the lucky ones who can exercise the stay-at-home option.


The year ends for us with beauty and mess all rolled into one. Enjoy one, work the other as we look forward to the 2020's.
I have no desire to look back at 2019. 

Tomorrows have always held my attention from one day to weeks to months and the year. What to plan and look forward to? 

I think the new year and new decade are going to forever leave an impression on the peoples of this nation. That can be said for ever new generation, though. Maybe I am more tuned in but the push for all things socialism will leave a different by New Years Day, 2030. 

The gloves are off. The agendas are BOLD FACED and we all will be forced to choose. I cannot fathom the onslaught of political ads in the months ahead.

We are a split nation with wedges being driven deeper and deeper without our consent. We lose if we sit back and do nothing and there will be loss in standing our grounds. How and when will we emerge from this mess? Stay tuned!


Welcome in the new year with hope, wisdom and without a running rush to any friendly cliff. Watch the herd, the tribes, trust yourself and your gut, teach your children in the basics of living. Skill sets, skill sets, skill sets!

Find like-minded folks. Trust in God. Pray! You will be heard.  Keep your knees bent. Re-think your need to be in crowds or large malls.

To all that have come to visit this past year, a heartfelt thanks of appreciation. 

Come back in the new year, share "the after" with others. 

Youmeandtheafter and her.


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