Sunday, September 29, 2019


Cleaning out old closets has re-surfaced many old photos and memories. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ten year old bird feeder in the back yard that has survived quite a few bear knock downs. Black and white photography is one of my favorite types of photography and this photo was some recent practice with camera settings.

A bird on a winter branch during a first of the season snow fall.

Bugs had their way with one of our trees next to the driveway a few years back. 

Wind storm took off the top and I took this photo before taking the tree down and off to the dump

Wild boar photo taken inside Kruger National Park SA in 2007

Logs washed up on the Washington State coast line.

This horse poked his head out of the barn at our bed and breakfast near Cape Town SA, 2007.

Typical confined area landing spot near Eagle, Alaska during a three month flying job for Temsco Helicopters in 1986.

Returning back to base camp in Eagle Alaska. We would often hop down to low level flying along the Yukon River at days end. The geologists we were flying for especially loved this types of flights.

One of my favorite photos taken during our stay in South Africa, 2007.

Wonderful colors of boats docked in the basin in Cape Town, South Africa.


Weather man says to enjoy this weeks weather as colder air is moving in from Canada by next weekend. Maybe these are the last few warm days of 2019 and my wife and I are determined to enjoy being outdoors.
It is said in long term winter weather projections that a lot of acorns on the ground is an indicator of a hard cold and snowy winter to come. If this is the case we are in for a challenging winter. 
It is impossible for us to walk off of the driveway into several of the cleared areas with out walking on a bed of large acorns. 
Thanks for the visit again this week. 


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