Sunday, September 22, 2019


 Afternoon pics over the hills around Bradford , NH

I had forgotten how difficult it is to fly and photograph when standing in direct sunlight that makes viewing the screen on the tablet impossible. On this day, I blindly shot these 3 pics and quit. Fall colors just starting.



My thoughts parallel those of a recent post from American Digest Blog.  

The Navy has released UFO video and pilot commentary and noted that these should have never been released to the public. I wonder if the Navy thinks we "can't handle the truth." It is not like there have not been sightings, photos and video's for "eons." To think we are alone is a head-in-the-sand thinking, in my opinion. 

So why no good photos with the photographic tools available today? My guess that there are such photos, the best probably from orbiting satellites and the ISS.  I, for one, would so enjoy seeing some of those photos and knowing they are real. Would make for some good conversations over a glass bottle of wine.


As loony as many of these folks are, I can't help but wonder if any of them  know better than not go over the gates into Area 51. My guess is there is a whole new world of crowd dispersal gadgets at Area 51 just waiting for some real world testing.

If ever there was a crowd to stay away from, huh??



In the process of cleaning out the homestead, I am selling most all of my major floor, wood-working/ metal working tools. I am not building or making any more like in my youth. The tools sit and it's best they be in the hands of youngsters who are builders and makers. The nice fellow from Massachusetts who drove up here and purchased the metal lathe asked us if we live here year around. Our driveway is a challenge in the winter and I think he realized that turning off the main road and "s" turning his way up the hill to the house. 

We have learned how to adapt to winter over the past eighteen years. At worst, the winter has challenged us in keeping the snow removed so we can come and go. The only time the winter beats us is with ice. We just stay home instead of using salt to keep the tough spots clear. 

Yep, we live here year around. 
One of my favorite photos from two years ago is looking down from the top of the driveway. My son was coming over to help with some snow removal and was met with birch and popular trees bending the knee from fresh fallen wet snow.



Acorns falling and covering the ground. Most are large and look pristine.

Sadly, there are no squirrels close by bundling these up for winter. The cat has taken on the local chipmunk family and reduced that significantly. 

Last season, as I mentioned before, just the opposite. New Hampshire seemed overrun and over-populated with squirrels. AND there were no acorns to be found last year.

The only critters we have visiting on a regular basis as Fall opens are Doves. 

My wife received the flower arrangement sitting on the picnic table as a gift from a friend.

Whoever put this together knew what he/she was doing and with an artistic touch worthy of note. 

I do not know any of the flowers, but find this bunch of flowers a most welcome sight outside as we move around doing our seasonal chores. 

Quite often, it is the little things that catch my eye and attention. 


Glorious weather in middle New England and we are in full appreciation.  

Thanks for the visit this week.




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