Tuesday, September 17, 2019



I remember the early years with my folks of perfectly cooked pork chops smothered with fried onions. This was one of the meals they prepared with seemingly little to no effort and I always enjoyed watching this perfect cooked meal come out of the oven, pork chops resting on a bed of fried onions. 

I have tried many times to achieve fried onions like mom and dad used to make, but never achieved the look and flavor until early this week. I believe it all stems from the cookware and again, it is the seasoned cast-iron skillet. 

The onions took about 12 minutes to turn golden brown. Two onions cut up, salt, pepper and a fair coating of olive oil. All mixed first in a large bowl and then dumped into the skillet. The garlic in the photo above was an after thought and they will be added first next time. My wife loves crispy fried garlic in much of what we cook, especially skillet cooking. She is notorious for scraping the bottom of the frying pan at the end of the meal for crisp chunklets. 

The pork chops were salt and peppered and cooked 12 minutes in the air fryer. A thicker than normal center cut chop this time. We termed this meal a free meal on our low-carb dieting. Next time, 3 large cut up onions will go into the skillet.


This blog is one of my favorite to visit weekly. A young couple with a new baby have been sailing around the world and living on their boat for over 5 years. They blog weekly and new blogs are usually up by late Mondays EST.

They are currently heading up the east coast to Maine, but their posts are several weeks behind their current locations and living. I think easier for them to put up video's. They have been posting from the Bahamas for the past couple months and current postings have them moving north along the islands before the storm. Regardless, a fun young couple living a life and their posts and videos are welcomed in the crazy world and times.



It has been too long since I have charged up the drone and components and gone flying. It takes time to get re-acquainted and comfortable setting the little guy loose and then getting him back safely before low low battery. 
The photo above is middle New Hampshire looking north as fall colors are just starting to set in. Beautiful countryside this time of year.



And rightfully so. I have not been true to every Sunday posting and summer/fall living is uneventful. Biggest events for the past few weeks for us is cleaning out this home from stem to stern and posting shop woodworking tools for sale. The time has come to throw "it" away or put "it" where it belongs. There is so much now that we will never use again and has become work to just keep up. 

I think this time comes in all of our lives. I have been dragging my feet for a few years now, but have finally and comfortably come to terms with all of it. Change is constant and I think change is more difficult the older I get.

"...and don't let the old man in."

I happened on this article and quote from Clint Eastwood. At 74, his take on getting old/older hit home for me. Mr. Eastwood is an actor I have long enjoyed and him being a man's man. I am sure he triggers many a folk this day living life on his terms. But not letting the old man each day he gets up is wizardry in thinking. Proves to me we are never to old to learn and I take to heart his approach to aging. 

And sometime today, my wife will say to me; "...up, up, up." Quit hunching over when I stand up and walk. And I do take just a moment to straighten out (and I still can) and up and walk a little taller. She means well, looks after me and I do appreciate. 


It gnaws at me each week not to include some comment on days events. In the end I tell myself not to for I see no good coming from it. I really do not want to spend any more time in the muck and yuck of the times we live in and I seriously doubt the few of you who still come to visit want that to look forward to weekly when you check in. 
We will quit here this week.
Stay away from crowds and "up, up, up."


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