Friday, July 5, 2019


The forest surrounding the compound breaks sunshine all around us this Independence Day. One little flag lives with the basil. Simplicity of mother nature's offerings is much appreciated and to be taken in as a gift these days. Weather has warmed and no more pissing and moaning of being cold, chilled and drizzled on. A stretch of warm warm weather covers middle New Hampshire this holiday on both ends. Many folks passing by on the way to the lakes and mountains to vacation outside. A long 4-day weekend with weather to boot has been a long time coming. 

Wife has been down for a week now recovering from toe surgery. She has been coping with bendy toes (a genetic trait) and finally decided to get the surgery done. She has been behaving herself, following doctors' orders and moving around as best as she can. Her peg leg walking through the house eliminates her ability to sneak upon me. She complains some in that she is dependent upon me for little things. She also shares a common trait amongst the older generations that being dependent upon anyone else for any kind of care is outside of the box of life. She is fiercely independent in thought and actions. Getting any kind of help/assistance this past week has been against her grain. 

BUT, I do not mind as this taking care of each other in times of needed surgery or sickness is a two-way street. Upside here is she is improving and next week will get a walking cast and better be able to move around. Friends suggest I get her back on the lawn tractor as soon as possible, even if I have to rig up a throttle and breaking device. 

This 4th of July found us sitting in porch rocking chairs, enjoying peace/quiet/warmth/ a cold beer and wonderful chatting about things from soup to nuts.  Remembering our history and the sacrifices making this a great country. 

And yes, we BBQ'd. A small roast with baby potatoes and a plate of Caprese salad. Special flavor for the roast this day was dropping the whole baking dish, seasonings and roast on the kitchen floor on the way to the BBQ. Five second rule applied. 



A low carb diet has meant no pizza, until we realized that everything on top of the pizza is legal. A large everything pizza with extra cheese was ordered. Who knew? 



Thank you for the visit this week.  

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