Monday, July 22, 2019


...MALE, FEMALE, STRAIGHT, WAR, CAKE WALK, HOLD DOWN THE FORT, STARVING AND .....* you and the horse you rode in on." I added the last part. 

All this from the inclusive communications task force at Colorado State University. 

From the bias free language guide in my beloved state of New Hampshire, the university of New Hampshire thinks AMERICAN is offensive. 

This Colorado stuff is recent and the UNH is from 2015. Colorado State notes that it is not an "official policy nor required policy..."  

Not a day goes by now, not a day that the core of our countries history, patriotism, love of country is under attack from within. Word police telling us how not to talk so as not to offend and Colorado State charges $30K a year to teach this to our children.

Our home flag (pictured above) is some what worn; seasonal wear. Faded and on this day resting in the bath of the sun. She is not yet torn or in need of repair, just showing affects of time served. I will admit her grounds are in need of work, cleaning, weeding and sprucing in respect to her plot of land south of the moat. 

This constant crap from the left on my America, my America and pressure to bend a knee at every turn in the road has me getting to work on this overdue project.  Things I have control over.



As noted in previous posts, the bear has done in the last feeder. The pole the feeder rests on is bare and not a bird around. 

Scrap wood, some glue, nails, little band saw work and a new one is starting to come together. Not a work of art because a bear lives here, but strong enough to get us into winter months. 

This one is a little smaller and I have gone with 30 degree cut angles for the roof. Opens up the entrance somewhat. More to come. 


Short posting. 

Enjoy the warm weather and add a thing or two to the larder. 

Thanks for the visit.

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