Monday, July 29, 2019


Storm clouds building over the north western edge of Lake Massabesic, NH.

Steady rain for two days beginning this week followed by sun and warm summer days. Home gardens and lawns were as happy as can be. 

Bird feeder project ready for sealing, some paint and roof install. I am happy with the design and use of scrap materials from the wood racks.

SUMMER SOUP  everything but the kitchen sink

A pot of summer hamburger/meatball soup with fresh and canned stuff. 

At the ranch in the 1950's, I would pull fresh veggies from the garden, wash and trim as needed near the garden and then set all in grandmother's kitchen sink. By the sink, there would be fresh meat bones and assorted spices. Grandma's lunch soups, stews and family dinner meals actually included everything but the kitchen sink. The flavors of those days can only be approached by using fresh-picked vegetables along with fresh meat and bones. The fun parts of this kind of cooking is that the cook is only limited by his/her imagination and experience.

Hamburger browned and drained; assorted veggies from the fridge chopped and sauteed in olive oil, half-can of tomato paste, splashes of Chianti, garlic, carrots, can of cream corn, canned potatoes cut into thirds, fresh cut basil and thyme, small scoop of beef concentrate, a can of beef broth, a can of chicken broth, water to top off the pot, salt and lots of medium grind pepper, one chopped tomato, half stalk of celery and some love. Meatballs to be added after the first hour simmer on low. 

I think I enjoy this kind of cooking the best, along with home-making bread and pies. There is a lot of room for the kitchen sink along with basic soup stuff. All of this comes from family history of throwing together what was in the fridge and garden to make a meal. The very best meals. 

I miss old-time flavors, especially with serious dieting now. This pot of soup is for the most part low carb per serving. It is purposely designed to be a broth soup, although the first coming to simmer temperature as shown in the photo above does not show that. Soup in quart containers in the fridge also serves an immediate feed when I get hungry and keeps me away from junking. 

A large bowl of soup serves as breakfast, lunch or dinner. This pot will last a week or so. Spin-off is weight loss, appetite control and very little clean up from a hotted-up bowl in the microwave. 

After an hour of simmering and an hour setting, a first bowl tasting was in order. Rarely do I get a flavor just right. This time I did and not by skill. No two batches of soup here are exactly the same. Flavor range charts are according to my palette vary. 

Bird feeder with early morning roof painted. A little white touch up tonight and we will be back in business feeding birds. 

The bear was again back last week taking down the feeder pole. 

I am very happy with this bird feeder from scraps and leftovers. I am hopeful this one will last till the onset of winter hibernation.


Thanks as always for the visit this week. Enjoy the summer but be mindful of those around you when out and about. Pay attention to things that do not feel or look right. Act immediately and appropriately. 

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