Saturday, July 20, 2019



Delivered mid-week and quickly became a work of art. A one-of-a-kind photo. I have always appreciated a pile of firewood. It represents hard work and comforts of a warm home in the winter. In the 1950s, it represented grandma's wood cooking stove producing family meals. For us this summer, it represents another box checked off for being ready and prepared. Heating oil filled, check. Wood stove and chimney inspected and cleaned, check. House exterior sprayed for bugs, check. Little chores left to get to, not checked. Work in progress.

Late afternoon day lilies reaching for the few hours of sun they can get. They were in full bloom the next day. They come and go fairly quickly and are much appreciated for the color they bring to the moat and east bunker. Old age slows me down enough to stop and enjoy simple things like this. Appreciation for the moment and mother nature is a wonderful thing. As a younger man, I never knew that living could be so wonderful moving along in compound low.


Weekend heat wave and weather folks are all excited and finding new words to explain to us in every way possible that it is: "gonna be hot, damn hot; real hot..."  Great entertainment watching the weather hype up every day weather reporting. Stay hydrated!!

These flowers never made the potting and planting that their peers did when we brought them home earlier this season. The pots we wanted to fill were and were set in place along the driveway and front yard. The flowers above were left in their original grow pots and ignored. I watered them to keep em alive, but failed to get them planted. Guilt won over and I finally threw them in this pot above with fresh potting soil. Stuffed in at random, tapped down dirt and a good watering. 

I think they are the happiest flowers on the hill. All were watered heavily this day and with temperatures approaching 95 degrees, these little guys were struggling to get through the mid-day sun. Yep, they are my favorite.


"74 YEAR OLD MAN..."

I listened to me being described by my urologist as he dictated too many unmentionables into his computer. The yearly appointment hated by most all men had arrived. More questions continued of things I do not want to explain nor talk about: "yes, yes, no, yep and so forth." Then, sitting waiting for the inevitable  procedure while the doctor dictated more information about me, my age, blood work, PSA and history than I cared to know. But it is a new age and he would be all done with me and the reports when all was said and done. Efficient I guess. 

All in all, a good report.  

Six months follow up. 

I was much like my Golden Retriever when we had to take her to the Veterinary. Hated going in and did everything in her power to get out and get what was going to be done, done. She would literally grin from ear to ear when the doctor finished and could not run to the truck fast enough; even jumping into the back seat with out any help. 

For me, there was no long goodbyes, never is with this particular annual visit. My step was lighter and faster as I excited down the hallway, out the building and into the truck. My Golden would have been proud of me. I just may have matched her timeline from the doctor's office back to the truck. 



POOR HARVEST SEASON. Availability down with a few pics. 

HOMELESS IN CALIFORNIA. Spin-off problems that may become bigger than the homeless problem. These problems will feed upon each other and not for the better. 

Keep an eye out in your local markets. This may be a bump in the road; temporary or could become shortages for all and higher prices. Act accordingly.

(FYI: Middle New Hampshire; just returned from local chain store. Canned vegetables case of 12 up 50% in price. Availability good.)

The homeless problems are excellent teaching moments of bad policy heaped upon bad policy. Garbage pile-ups and human feces can bring on serious diseases affecting the entire region. This problem can turn into a survival problem for the every day citizens over night.

Keep an eye open for upticks in new and growing diseases in your area/near by states and yes, act accordingly. 

Never think because these kinds of events are not close to you or will ever get out of hand to where you will be negatively impacted. These are the days of our lives to stay vigilant and prepare like never before. 

Today items are available on the shelves and affordable. Travel to and from unrestricted. "Shoulda, woulda, coulda." Extra pain meds, toilet paper, soap and if you are at all serious about an after; coffee x a bunch. The list is long.

Coming failures can be seen from afar now. 

Responsible for kids and a family? Just asking!!


Early morning heat and humidity have arrived. Cat unhappy. Flower pots soaked. Blinds pulled. AC set to 73. 

Have a wonderful week and keep your heads up.

Thanks for the visit. 

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