Monday, June 24, 2019


My wife finished one of our recent lunch chats saying, "you know the days start to get shorter now?" 

No, I have not been paying attention to that. Was not ready to hear that. Had no intention to deal with that change in the yet to come summer months. Winter still is wearing on me and the damn rain and chilly days persisting. 

Wood needs stacking and worry about the up coming snow removal. Snow removal here is not an option. No snow removal, no going anywhere; either one of us. Thinking of how to escape for at least a month this coming winter and have not figured out an answer yet. 

And all of a sudden the days are getting shorter. Crap!!

Early morning and yesterdays mowed lawn. The air was fresh sweet and a deep breath was followed by an audible "awwwwwwwww." Simple things in life and worthy of a moments notice and enjoyment. 

The cat accompanied me outside for the photo above. She too is much older now and exhibits similar habits of aging that I do. No more outings in the woods nor overnight stays outside. No kills yet this season. A first. Spends most of her time in her cat house, coming out only for a momentary touch, neck rub, fresh cream and canned cat food. She meows from time to time about some complaint which I cannot read. Maybe cat pissing and moaning. After all of these years, she has given into a loving touch and resolved the fact that we do love her no matter how she acts. 

She was on her toes in the above photo, looking over her shoulder and peering into the woods she use to own. Her situational awareness skills are still intact and I think now she has resolved to error on the side of safety. No longer able to run fast to escape nor looking for a snack of a smaller rodent or bird. Just happy to be warm, fed and safe. 

She led our way back to the garage, stopping often to look back over her shoulder. She was first in the garage before she sat down, secure in the safety of that space. 

That she has survived all these years on this predator-filled property is testament to her ability to read the land. 

She is our last pet.

Herbs are taking off and we are way behind on harvest and use. I have yet to see the amount of light this little solar led light puts off during the night. I guess I need to walk into the other room, peer out the window once during the night. Sleepiness is getting in the way, though. 

The little basil in the top middle back ground (on the rock) was removed from the main bunch to see if it can fully come to life. A home of its own. 

.................... still fresh in the above blog. I have referred to it often and will refrain from repeating worries about all the possibilities of this outbreak. These are hard reads and most will not want to spend the time. I think it worth sharing, though. Drill down through his current stuff and check his blog site for current information written over the past couple of weeks. 



I came across these videos of horse and trainer(s) this past week. Enjoy!


Thanks for the visit this week.   

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