Sunday, October 1, 2017



Click on the picture of the chain saw, in the link above and go through the photos and brief reviews.

I have said before here that I am a Ryobi fan of battery-powered tools. I own a slew of them and have been collecting now for well over 15 years. Son, too, has a beginning set to include a few he uses on the job as a lineman. It helps to stay with the same brand for battery usage, charging and variety. 

There are many other excellent brands and all work wonderfully. I/we have chosen Ryobi.

We have been waiting for Ryobi to come out with one of these saws and after looking at the above review from Popular Mechanics, I ventured to town today to take a look. Sure enough, Ryobi does have this tool now and the price was most reasonable; under $200. Saw, battery and charger.

We added some bar oil this afternoon and each test cut the ends off of a few rough-sawn 2x4's. A job I have wanted to get done for awhile. 

The saw cut wonderfully and became an instant hit with both of us. He said it would be perfect to have in the bucket truck for cutting and trimming. No need to start up a saw; have gas and oil, etc. Simplicity, lighter weight and function. 

Tomorrow, the new saw is going help to me chunk up an old rotting raised vegetable garden and make it easy to get the tractor in to remove the dirt. An end of season chore to get done.

I gave son the old Husqvarna chain saw and told him that I do not have the shoulders to pull and pull on it. He will bring it back to life and get many more years of use out of that older saw. But for me, it is another plug and play tool out of the box, no worries of winterizing for storage.  

The story of Rick Monday.



First Fall chill in the air after a long streak of warm dry weather. It has been great for being outside and working chores. Thick sweats, waffle shirt with sweat shirts on this morning as I tidy up here before publishing. Texas girl says no turning on heat yet and she, too, is in double layers of warm fall/winter wear. 

I think it is our way of extending the warm days of summer into fall. But the worm again turns this month and by month's end, everything of importance that needs to be ready for winter must be done.

Main throw and carry bug-out bag was emptied on the bed yesterday morning, cleaned out and up-graded for the cold ahead. Larger bug-out bin in each vehicle will also be reviewed and up-graded. We do this twice a year and provides some solace that we are walking the walk. 

Have a good week, come back and visit when you can, keep your heads up and get one more thing done for you and your family being self-sufficient.

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