Sunday, October 29, 2017


I had come to grips that there was not going to be a post this week. I sat here, face against a brick wall.

I had such little faith.

(Earlier this past week, I found Kaleidoscope Zephyr Starbeam rehearsing.)

I am guessing that you have heard of "Screaming Helplessly At The Sky" by now If you haven't, I apologize for bringing it to your attention. 

A smile came across my face and it has been awhile since that has happened in the readings of other morning blogs/news. A smile for sure. I could feel a happy skipping motion in my chest, a desire to try a hopscotch pattern. I knew this event ranked right up there with gathering friends on the lawns of government to clean toe nails using sharp objects. Who in their right mind could turn down public events such as these? 

My mind touched quickly on other readings I have browsed and that these folks are now arming themselves for protection against those whose mere existence is life threatening to them. It becomes difficult here to write, think and shake my head at the same time.

And in the for what it is worth department, there are people, in all the scary corners of our current days, that just ought not carry nor handle guns. Left, right, up, down, big, small, skin color, sexual orientation, identity, or persuasion. While studying some of the information currently in print and photography, their learning and use of guns to provide protection against an invisible enemy might just find folks of like minds, shooting someone in the ass or worse.  

My bet that taking away our guns does not mean taking away their guns. Understandable!! 

If staying away from crowds is preached here constantly,  then I want to put forward that staying away from crowds carrying loaded guns is paramount.

But I admit I have a strong desire to attend this gathering. I would practice what I preach though, staying close to buildings, out of the frey of the mass, practicing situational awareness all the while watching folks scream helplessly for an hour.

I could join in here at home at the noted time. I would raise my arms in the air and scream, taking a page from Ms. Starbeam. Maybe take the dog outside and encourage her to howl too. Running naked in the woods also seems apropos.


It rained and blew biggly this past week. Color has fallen to the ground and the forests are in the last throes of fall. Highways and byways are squeaking out the last days of a most wonderful change of season here in the north east.


Stay away from forests this week too! 

Some folks you ought not to mess with!!


For those who romance war.

Historical moment this week.

No worries!!

This is why!!!


Complete winter bug out bags/grab and go bags for everyone in your family  this week. Take time to get family on board of said items.

I appreciate the visit this week.



  1. I am remiss with the bag stuff - can't seem to get it together!

  2. Great piece that is fantastic and exciting to read about. Thank you and expecting to hear more of your articles on this blog. Worth refering friends and family to read!

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