Sunday, September 24, 2017


The blog I have written this week follows below with mushrooms and fun stuff. It has been a good week, a grand week all things considered. No complaints. Getting back to playing with the camera and looking closer at little things. Writing for fun. So forth. 

I am going to publish here now. It is Sunday morning, dark outside, dog pee'd, first cup of coffee from the first minutes of brewing. The best cup of coffee of the day as it is stronger. Each morning I tell her she makes the best cup of coffee ever and she "harumps" saying it is the same coffee she makes every morning. I adjusted my chair, turning on laptop to check the temperature of worldly news.

I found this and started to cry. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve.

Paul Harvey from 1965. I graduated in 1963. Went to Vietnam in 1967 and again in 1969. Graduated from college in 1973. Worked career and family in a country I love to the core of my soul. Ups and downs. Retired now. All that this country promised has worked. I gave to it as it wanted, expected and as taught by old generations of people who gave all, everything they had to the advancement of good for their children and their children's children. Sometimes hard, very hard and more often than not, laughter and growth in all corners. I thank God daily and have for many, many years. A life this long has not happened without oversight guidance and help from others. I want for the same country and world as my ancestors.

If you do nothing else here, as you come across this weeks blog, please take the time to watch Paul Harvey's Sunday Sermonette of 52 years ago. I also ask that you pass this on to others who have not seen nor heard this vintage insight. Bookmark it, keep it, visit it often and continue to share it. 

If I were the Devil.   


These mushrooms rank right up there with spiders and snakes. Warmer weather, morning dew and some rain, these little fellows sprang up over night. They do come and go every season and this photo captures how nasty they look.



Another photo from last week taken from the top Mt. Sunapee. Chair rides are open to the public on the weekends this time of the summer season. A very peaceful run up and down the mountain and feels like folks visiting have the whole mountain to themselves.



There are many creative folks in this area and they take time to paint the month of October around their houses and barns. Back roads start to come alive with still life opportunities for fun photography. Pumpkins for sale and displayed in a joyful manner. 



"Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Baaaaaaa" A perfect photo till I walked over to mom and kids without snacks. Did have mom's attention though. 

We found these newly-built bird houses on a pole a few years ago. Visited with the owner and builder. He explained that winding plants were planted at the bottom and would eventually take over and add to the overall affect. Take just a moment and check out the individual bird houses and appreciate his talent in design and building. Also see the ring placed around the bottom to define and stabilize the flower growing area. Easy to weed. Gotta make one of these. 


I purchased this outdoor stove a year or so ago. First, thinking for an emergency. Throw and go along with other bugout items. 

Secondly as an outdoor stove to play with and learn  how versatile  a stove like this can be. 

The price for the stove and case was under $20 and a sleeve of 4 wrapped Sterno butane cans for cooking also very inexpensive.

Frying fish outside takes all the smell and mess out of the house. Makes for easy clean up. I set up the cooking station on the outdoor BBQ.

During recent family visits from Dallas, the stove was set up in the garage and served as an extra cooking station for kitchen stove over run. 

Would be a great set-up for tailgating. 

I am happy with the amount of heat a butane stove like this puts out. Boiling water seems almost instant. Very low heat can be maintained for simmer, but not in gusting wind.

One can of butane lasts quite awhile. Safety feature to engage the butane can for cooking and then disengaging when not in use is well designed.

The stove along with two sleeves of butane (4 each) would be enough to cook for 4-6 weeks in an emergency situation. Add basic pot/pan/cookware and outdoor/emergency cooking needs/wants are easily met. 

Downside for this set up is the limitations of having butane cans for cooking. Not for backpacking. Needs to be used in well-ventilated environment. Like any new tool, I believe it should be used a few times before depending on it in an emergency or before using it for outdoor cooking for friends and family.



Crash Course in Preparedness.  Week 1   Week 2 

Extensive. Good for planning if you are one of the left over beginners. Good for review if you are working preparedness. At least bookmark for future references and guidelines. 

Thanks for the visit this week. 

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