Sunday, September 17, 2017


Full disclosure. I had help. 

Past years I have gotten in all the wood myself. Some help from son when he came over unannounced. But I could boast that I got the winter wood in and stacked. Those days are over. Only excuses now centered around aches, pain and an accompanying work attitude problem. Apparently, cartilage is very important inside joints and goes unnoticed in our youth.  Regardless, every day now I can enjoy this art work. It is the first thing I see topping the driveway and the first thing I see on our first trip outside with the dog in the morning. There is great pleasure in the little things in life.

Acorns starting to fall. When one falls from higher up and hits the metal roof of the "chicken shed", it sounds like small arms fire. No warning and I cannot help but jump. Soon, it will be a common sound that blends with winds blowing and those damn leaves falling. I see the row of smaller pine trees are doing the family thing, too.


"I told her I would get the car and move around the store to load them while she paid for them. When she walked around where I was I noticed right away she was limping. She said a small boy about 3-4 years old was walking with his parents and suddenly tore loose from his dad. While on a dead run and looking back at his dad, he went about 6-8 ft and hit her right on the knee that she had had replaced and from which was almost fully recovered. She fell backwards with him on her bad knee and hit full force on the blacktop. More x-rays and was told it was a compound fracture......Oh, yeah, after the parents said sorry, they put the kid in the carrier like they should have at the start."

A good friend on the west coast sent this x-ray photo in a recent email along with the story. I asked for permission to share and he said OK. The x-ray photo and his explanation of what happened to his fiancee says it all.

We do not heal as quickly in our later years. Falls like this are some of our fears. My friend's fiancee is entering physical therapy as of this post and on the road to recovery but "pissed" that much of their summer time together was lost to a young child on the loose.



Brother-in-law captured this hawk parked on the ledge of one of his office windows in north Dallas. There are apparently a lot of pigeons in this area and he thinks the hawk was pigeon-gawking. It was lunch time!!


Young son is one of the few lineman remaining here and sent this photo of the project they have been working on: the rebuild and replacement of cross-arms on a long run power line structure in the northern part of the state.

The majority of lineman have pulled up and gone south for storm work resulting from hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

These new cross-arms are pre-built by several linemen working out of a centralized yard and then slung out by helicopter for installation. 

An Afternoon View to the East


to the West

Surprising that photos I take using my cell phone are so much better than from my Canon 7D. Even learned how to edit in the phone before sending. Very little  Photo Shop editing needed.


Lake Sunapee as seen from Mt. Sunapee

Vacation this past week along with family up visiting from Texas. Sleeping in, good conversations about a lot of nothing, son and fiancee joining for lunch out yesterday and full turkey dinner this afternoon. 

I so love to sit and watch everyone visiting, laughing and engaged in living. These are moments when everything in a life lived is worth these exceptional moments together. There runs a deep satisfaction, happiness and peace inside of me that words cannot describe. I am a most lucky man. 

Thank you for visiting this week. 

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