Sunday, September 10, 2017


Short post this week.
(House torn up because we are doing a major throw away and cleaning. About three days left.)

I opened up a can of dehydrated apple slices. The can has a 30 year storage life and it sounded like letting air out of a tire when the can opener went in. I want to start cooking with some of the storage products. 

The apples tasted just fine out of the can. Soaking and or warming for fifteen minutes brings them back to life. What better way to give them a test than trying an apple pie?

I filled the purchased pie shell with the drained, re-hydrated apple slices and poured a bit of the remaining liquid (with some corn starch) to make a nice syrup. Remember, this is an experiment. Then, I used a second purchased pie crust for the top, using my personalized paring-knife-tree-branch for venting.

Baked the pie according to instructions and it came out nearly perfect. I would have like a little more syrup if true perfection was the goal. Next time. 

The final pie never lasted long enough to get a photo. OK. I lied. I was too lazy to take the pic. 

We have visited the nearest long-term home storage retail location several times to purchase some of these dehydrated foods. On our first visit, we were greeted by the leader of the local parish and he explained all that the church does for its members and the local community. Being self-sufficient is their way of life and they live it. I remember that he told us he brought 2 tons of hard red wheat into his marriage, 30 years ago, to show he could provide for his new wife. He remarked they have a little over a hundred pounds left.


Time to dump out bug-out bags and re-pack for changing seasons. Prayers and help for storm survivors are in order this week. Thanks for the visit.  

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