Sunday, September 24, 2023


 As usual here, new tools and brands I comment on are just that. Not pushing a product, brand or company. Just opinions.

We have been in need of a new yard blower for a few years now. The older Ryobi works, but has lost its "umph." Given I have picked up a couple other Ryobi 40V battery operated tools since we arrived in Texas, adding another was a good idea. Plenty of batteries and chargers. Looking at the rear of this new blower looks like it is right out of Star Wars. Space vehicle like. 

It has a "turbo" button that pumps the output to maximum as long as the button in held on. It did not take but a minute to learn that that is where this blower shines. "Turbo" moves large gravel rocks like it does the dust and dirt. A friendly  recoil on turbo.   

I learned quickly that using "turbo" sucks a 40Volt battery dry in about 15 minutes. Solution: plug in another charged battery. 


I have looked at the Lansky knife sharpening kits for well over the past 3 years. I have seen good reviews, but I have held off for the concern that maybe there is a better tool/procedure than this one. There may be, but I found this kit at a reasonable price and decided to buy it.

Gives me much more control over the consistency of holding a sharpening angle on the edge of the blade.  It included three sharpening stones.

I practiced on the abused pocketknife above. The knife holds a sharpened edge quite well for the hard use I put it through. Forgiving. 

It took about 15 minutes of using the coarse, medium and fine stones to return the original sharpness. Still a ways to go to perfection, but proved the viability of the Lansky kit.  I have always been demanding when it comes to razor-sharp pocketknives. (I am a big fan of CRKT knives because of how they hold an edge, how they carry and how they feel in my hand.)

The kitchen knives returned to original sharpness using the fine stone.


NEW DRILL SET from Harbor Freight

I have put off buying a complete drill set like the one above because I have never taken care of the other ones I have purchased in the past. 

New drills disappear at the mere opening of the new drill set. But I vowed to be better in my behavior and as of today, the set is still intact. How much fun it is to open this up and find the exact drill I need when I need it. 

Who knew the value of returning a tool to its tool box?


OLD iPOD (2007ish)


Over the course of many years and a few new computers, three old iPods have not been lost. They are the only Apple technology that still has all of the songs I purchased in those years that has not been corrupted. 

My Apple laptop actually puked its battery out of the bottom 8 years ago and only turns on using the power cord.I can see the music on the lap top, but cannot access the songs.

The old iPODs are still rechargeable and play through new stand-alone speakers. 

I can still bebop in the garage. Not suitable for on lookers. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!! ...... my Guardians of The Galaxy cassette(s).




Old friend on my morning walks. "Buckwheat." 

As I understand it, the grand kids call the horse "oatmeal." The horse was called "Buck." And then through the magic of imagination became known as Buckwheat. 

Buckwheat and I have a thing or two in common; we are enjoying our elder years with good eats and magnificent pastures to roam at will.



This not about the gal in the clip; it is about the story.  Had I been riding along with this older gentleman when he did what he did and without him letting me in on the final punch line, I would have lost my **** with uncontrolled laughter leaving the second drive up window. 



Last post this month. How fast time fly's by is a constant.

The bride and I have been burnt once too often this past week while lunching out at a few of our old favorite hamburger joints. Very rude staff across the boards, favorite dishes overpriced, quantity minimal and quality of the eats well beyond their sell by dates. Three chicken strips for over $9 was the final straw for the bride."NO" was a complete sentence.

We have decided that packing a picnic lunch works easily and can add some adventure to a day trip. Saving $20-$30 and reducing the pain of encountering rude people to zero is all within our control.

Of course, we will opt for stopping at a recommended eatery, but we will want to know that going in.

We have enjoyed being outside for better parts of the days now. Chores getting done and a few dump runs have spruced up the outside digs. The old body reports at the end of the day that it is not use to all the bending, lifting, moving and twisting. 

Appreciate the visit this week. Share this blog with a friend and keep on keeping on.

 Popping smoke.






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  1. I've had a Lansky sharpener for years. It's one that requires quite a few minutes of time, and not for the impatient.