Sunday, September 3, 2023


I was greeted with this early morning view this past week during my morning walk. The sun rises over this field every morning and this photo repeats daily in some fashion. 

Neighbors to the north of us can awaken to this as often as they wish. This would have to be a cup of coffee moment for me every morning and ten minutes of time uninterrupted. 



I took this photo one morning last week on the way to town. A couple hours later the bales of hay were on large trailers being towed by Ford and Dodge "Dualies" off to sale. Abundance of hay this coming winter and ranchers will be able to meet the feeding demands of a Texas winter. 



A good friend of mine and his family are spending this holiday weekend on their sailboat in Miami. He said he wanted to get started on his "to do" list before setting off on a long planned adventure. I was curious on what his list looked like.  I have made to do lists, but never like this one. But when your boat is your home and you are on your own for long periods of time, the list below and organization of things that may need attending to is common sense.






Hatch gaskets, glass, & bolts

Keel bolts

inspect rudder bearing and cutlass bearing

Keel Bolt kit

Seal all deck fittings

Clean rig

Rewire nav lights, replace with LED

LED bulbs, 10awg wire

Cleats & Backing plates

Arch support & new dinghy davits

Clean holding tanks

New sanitation hoses from toilets to tanks

hoses, back flow

Water maker service

UV sterilizer under kitchen sink


Seal all water tanks

tank lining epoxy

Reposition water maker manifold

Fix high bilge pump

Replace ice maker

maybe refrigerator

Portable ice maker, drink refrigerator

replace flush solenoids

ordered from amazon

Inspect toilets

spare pump, joker valves, parts kits

Spare electrical

10, 6 awg, lugs, heat shrink, crimp, shrink fittings, breakers, dimmer

plumbing spares

full set of everything

Domestic water system

spare pump(s)

Battery master shutoff switch

on hand

Arch flood light bar

flood lights

Generator full service

Engine full service

generator spares

zincs, impellers, oil, filters, fuel filter

engine spares

zinc, impellers, oil, filters, fuel filter

20HP Suzuki service

oil, filter, zincs, starter battery, spare prop

6HP suzuki service

oil, filter, zincs, starter battery, spare prop


bring spare 25kg, dinghy anchor

Diesel cans

buy 2 more

Water cans

bring 2 from NH

Gas can

replace cracked can

solar spares

MPPT, MC4 connectors

Life Raft


Ditch Bag

inventory and create

Propane tank

replace small one, router out the cover to accommodate 20lb

Spare line

inventory and buy

Water toys

wake board, foil board, tube, raft/dock, tow rope,


lures, line, gear, spear, long fins



Swim platform teak

buy and repair

swim ladder

stainless hardware, replace and de-rust

Gelcoat repair


Port Lazarette

build floor


replace with evolution



Master cabin water damaged doors




Night vision cam



evac pump, R134A, fittings, brazing tools, spare thermostat

Adhesive inventory

spare glue, hot glue, 5200, etc.

Fiberglass repair kit

west epoxy/hardener, glass matte

LED lighting

spare salon/cockpit bulbs


Well, then, let's get to work on that "lil ol" list!!

Video here 



On our early morning walk yesterday, this kitten ran from the edge of the woods and landed at the wife's feet. A trip well planned in my book. No "shushing" or "go aways" would work and I just knew. It had been written.

I continued on my walking goal, not looking back. A kitten had just come into my wife's life our life and our day had some new plans. Not going to take it for a ride as apparently someone else had already done. The kitten was a victim of circumstance way beyond its control. Not the kitten's fault. These outlying farm roads are dumping grounds for animals folks no long want or can take care of.

Of course, the kitten walked in the driveway, to the carport totally throwing our two cats into a feline dither. They wanted nothing to do with this kitten and disappeared. Excellent avoidance behavior. 

Meow, meow meow and MEEEOOOOWWW. Yea yea yea, heard it all before. Her found the old cat cage we had shoved behind a storage cabinet.  I knew the drill. 

A trip to town and she returned with kitty dry food mix; a few other items. I had the cat cage opened/ready and the rest is history. 

The kitten went face down in the kibble and within a half hour was sound asleep. Full tummy and safe. She keeps saying "No more cats!!" I agree, I agree, I agree. Besides keeping this kitten would severely disrupt the already perfect, two outdoor cat living arrangement we have now, two years working. 

This morning, the kitten is safe inside the air conditioned shop until we can take it to the shelter this coming week.

Kitty is on FB looking for a happy home.


JIBBER JABBER  Found this morning on The Burning Platform

Happenings Await

There is a constant gnawing inside of me that I work at controlling. I worry, am most concerned and try to keep my head on a swivel for anything out of place. There is much consistency in most all posts I read these days that we have a hell of a path we all must travel to ever get to the other side of what is coming. Jim Kunstler's article says it well.

We concentrate here on family and good friends. But we do not talk of these things. We talk of life and ongoings of our small circle of life. Hay in, projects, a cold beer over jibber jabber. Joking of long years of marriage. Men talk big when the wives are out of earshot and wives are lost in girl things. Happily lost in women interests of which they can visit away hours. Quite often laughing at those musings.  There is security in touching base daily with this living in which we all have been raised. The America we know so well. An America that works. The love and affections of close-knit neighborhoods.


September 2023 is upon us now. The end of the year looms in the days ahead. God bless us all. And you bet, I so appreciate your visit this week.


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