Sunday, August 27, 2023




Last hot day of the heat wave. At least for the next 7 day forecast. I hate to say it is all over and then have to take it back. Tomorrow starts temperatures in the low 90's with overnights in the mid 60's. Some rain predicted as a stationary front is hanging around.




A little Raspberry Vinaigrette does wonders.

Not a diet anymore. Now a new way of eating if I want some longevity from this body. An acute pulmonary embolism 4 weeks ago and I survived. 

 “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” JOHN ADAMS

Come to find out Cheetos are not a food group. Who knew?

I am fortunate that I have never smoked and have a good heart. 

A low carb, keto, Mediterranean-based diet. Walking walking walking and more walking. 

Not a painful change as I love all the foods that make up these eating lifestyles. Portion size control and I will adapt.

An easy to adopt philosophy of "eat foods that grandma or mom put on the table." Plan a daily 51% raw vegetables/fruits regime. Learn new recipes. 

Already I feel better and this success is easy to build on, even if I have to do it one meal at a time. 



THE BURNING PLATFORM I find good reads here. All the elephants in the rooms now. Will they be ignored?

Mandates are Back

Not surprising as there have been many hints and testing of the waters of all of these restrictions coming back in late summer. I am curious what folks do now with all of the evidence from the C19 lock downs a few years ago. 


Again not surprised. More so, I do not care. 



Flight of four approach into LZ Two Bits


September will bring easier days weather wise. We will sit outside on our car port and visit. Neighbors will stop by and spend time with us talking of no never minds. We will be getting our morning walks in on the quiet back roads. Gardens and hanging baskets will be cleaned and tucked away. For the most part, all had a good run this season. 

Appreciate your visit this week. Keep planning ahead and God Bless.



  1. In and out of LZs Uplift, Two Bits, Crystal, English more than a few times myself. Welcome Home Brother, regards, Alemaster

  2. LZs. Was just down in the basement looking at Christmas items. In August, I know. Anyway, I set up an inverted Y with the real bean bag lights for the decorations on the front lawn. 15 inflatable helicopters with Santas and Penguins for LZ Noel. Cheers bro!

  3. Bless you men for your service and sacrifice during a most trying time in our history.

    And yes to low carb, no sugar. I should have converted to that diet years ago; sugar and carbs are NOT your friend. Either eat like a diabetic or be a diabetic.