Sunday, August 20, 2023


109 degrees forecast today with 118 heat index. I have not seen this heat nor index since we arrived here in east Texas 3 years ago. 

The cats have been coping outside, but this morning, we moved their cat house in the shop with two A/Cs running. Would have done this sooner but thought there was a wasps' nest inside their cage. Closer inspection this morning showed no wasp nest. A wasp bite is not something either my wife or I want to add to our concerns these days. Cats will be moved inside late morning.

Hurricane Hillary is not breathing down our necks and we will take that as a big up-side of this day.



We have been told that a "street taco" can be anything you want it to be. A four inch flour or corn tortilla filled with some meat, sauce, spice and a myriad of other things, in any order or fashion, will work. Two each for our lunches and often dinners are very filling. Half the fun is taking leftovers, adding some zing and making sure that the taco can still be folded, is proving to be a very tasty new approach to our eating habits.

An upside is the simplicity of variety and good eats.

My recent health scare with blood clots has set me on a forever path of new eating habits. No going back 6 months from now to all those foods and such I have shared in the past on this blog. 

Low carb/KETO designed meals. I have always enjoyed veggies in any form along with fruits. There are hundreds of new ways to cook and eat that will make this life change easier for me to adopt. Surprising how much of these foods and meals can be stuffed into a soft tortilla shell.

The extreme heat cancels outside walking plans although I am able to get in an early morning walk. Adapting. Today a few chores was enough to take the place of that morning walk. "Pay attention to your body." Advice I take to heart.


The bride bagged up a half dozen frying pans the other day, handed them to me and said to toss in the garbage. Two new frying pans from Amazon will be all we will need.

Two frying pans in the drawer and one tried and true WOK on the counter. Good to go! 

Simple pleasures like new frying pans are stupid I know. 


 An hour of never before seen old 8mm Vietnam War footage

Editing recently digitized 8mm film from the Central Highlands, 1st Air Cavalry Area of Operation 1967, over these past two weeks has greatly improved my skills using video editing software. 

Fifty-six years, sitting in cool dark rooms, has kept the film in very good condition. Some of the film (now MP4's) is blurred but for the most part, a good run of vintage and historic footage.  Look for these as we near Veteran's Day this year. 


Heat index already109 at 10:30. Gonna be a bitch today. 

Chores done and the cats are in their cage in the shop with a/c. They are unhappy, but it is for their own good, yadda, yadda. 

Appreciate the visit and God Bless.

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  1. Any footage you can post will be very welcomed.
    Nice move on the frying pans, too.
    Sugar and carbs are the enemy of good health; I wish I'd been convinced of that soorner.