Sunday, October 1, 2023


 #5405 Forester- Another opinion.

In a world of high technology, all I need from the watch I wear, is the time of day. A no muss or fuss world.



Hell, I do not know what to believe anymore.  Don't look up? I think that is funny; but not really.



Low carb, full flavor, comfort food, ready to eat in an hour and a half.


Home-canned chicken breast, chopped onion, grated carrots, dehydrated zucchini and yellow squash, chopped celery, leaf spinach, box of chicken broth, 3 cups of water, thyme, basil, a little chicken bullion to taste, pepper and top of soup drizzled twice around with olive oil. All simmered for 30 minutes. 

Using an emulsifier, blended the simmered soup to our liking. Adds body to the soup. 

We then added an Earl Campbell kielbasa, sliced, and a final simmer of 20 minutes.  

A medium-sized bowl of soup is a full meal deal. In another life time, I would have dunked warm, buttered bread and bragged on that.

We wanted some warm comfort food last night for dinner. Something quick. Something easy. Something legal and free of carbs for our diet. And it was good!

You have seen chicken soup here a dozen times in various posts. It never gets old and never disappoints. 

Soup can be anything you want it to be. Some meat (not necessary), vegetables, spices, pasta, beans, rice, potatoes (not limited to these) etc and olive oil. Thousands of ideas in old cook books and on the net too.


 Fun With Gracie


It is good when the woman you love is also your very best friend. We spend much time these days visiting time away. Old folk never run out of stories and memories to share.

Recently I said to her that soon we may not be able to come to the net for blogging and blog reading. It may become too cumbersome or impossible. 

We might soon find ourselves looking for books to read to pass time. That turned her in her chair and within minutes she found a local book store that is open 7-7 during the week. 

We added a stop there to our town run that day. And yep, a fun book store, clean and stuffed with readings of interest. Right in our back yard. Today a small book case/shelf is starting to grow. 


This morning as we visited, she mentioned "remember when we had to  walk one way down the store aisles, wear masks and get no closer to other people than as marked by taped lines on the store's floor. If you went against the arrows, you would be called out by other masked folks." 

Remember that?

During all of that we became conditioned to wipe our hands with store provided wet wipes. We also wiped off the handles on the shopping carts. Then we would douse our hands, leaving the store, in the car with sanitizer to make sure we were not infected, safe and so forth.

Well, that hand wiping and cart wiping became habit with us. And not a bad habit. Like washing our hands. A good habit. 

Just last week, we walked into those same big chain stores expecting those wet wipes that were always provided/once mandated. Or a squirt bottle of sanitizer sitting on a near by shelf. Staff were hired just for the sanitizing of the shopping carts for customers.

NOW: We asked worker-bees where the sanitizers were and they looked at us as if we were strange for the wanting.   "Oh, we do not provide that anymore."

Well, they do for themselves. We just had to walk to a work station and use their bottle of sanitizer. "For me, not for thee." Hell, it is just business, the bottom line and all that, huh?

We are on our own, folks. We are on our own. 

Have a great week and ponder October 4th. Skynet awakens?

Thanks for the visit. And for those of you sharing this site with friends, I appreciate: 18.7K visits last month.



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