Sunday, October 29, 2023


Reported on FB earlier this week...:"large black cow on north bound 312 walking on the highway right around County Road 4620. Be careful."
Example: black cow.

It is to be expected on the narrow back roads of east Texas. Large farm equipment moving to and from. A large animal that has finally escaped the fences and roaming free. Quite often stopping to sample green grass along the road side. Maybe a gate was not quite closed and the cow took advantage of that. We may never know. 

Word spreads fast when an animal is out. Neighbors calling neighbors and within minutes someone will know whose cow it is and that the owner knows. Cow freedoms do not last long in east Texas. 

We found a large horse snacking on my wife's front gate flowers a month ago. Roaming and snacking. Neighbors have horses and a call confirmed that a horse with reins was missing. Minutes later, the horse was being walked back home.

Local deer families are tame enough to stop by often for good eats, too.

Armadillos are not welcome.  Neither are wild pigs.  



A Time of Lawlessness

Found on Western Rifles Shooters Association 

I had set aside some articles to share on this blog this week, but decided on just the one above. A tough read.  But to me, does not sound unreasonable given the times we are living in.

From The Burning Platform   " might get what you are after,"

I see quite a few articles like the ones above as I drill through the net.  The only site I visit that does not go down these rabbit holes is the daily timewaster. I enjoy the photography and variety.

I am not finding any good news anywhere anymore. 



I liken these past weeks to running in compound low. Slow, steady with plenty of time to pass over uneven terrain and moving ahead at my own pace. Time to take in the sights while the lanes around me whiz by. Even time to stop and consider the paths ahead. No desire to change back in 4WH or 2WH. If I had a better analogy, I would use it.

Freezing weather coming to east Texas this coming weekend. I figured I had plenty of time to ready the home, cat house and shop for the coming winter season. But change has always had a mind of its own and maybe this wake up call will push me enough to take care of some pre-winter business.

Body weight down nearly 30 pounds now. Dieting is not a diet now but becoming a way of living. Feeling better a wonderful motivator along with surviving a very serious PE.

The last thing the heart doctor said to me a few months ago was "pay attention to your body." Simply put meaning the body will tell you how it feels and what it needs/wants. Who knew? I just have to be paying closer attention.
Drinking "beaucoup" water now, nearly 100 ml a day. Adding a little powdered zero sugar hydrate to each glassful. Not that difficult to establish the habit.  No more morning lows of feeling tired with little energy. Peeing more but it is the price ya pay. 
A nurse recently took the time to share her diet habits and water intake to me because it had to become a new way of living for her. Small meals with small snacks in between. Eat nothing white, no sugar, lots of fresh raw veggies and fruits. Life saving!!



Together and a member of the family for 20 years. Two hundred and twenty three thousand miles. Good miles. Good memories: towing Harley Davidson motorcycles, golden retriever dogs, hauling wood, trips to the dump and a thousand road trips to anywhere we wanted to go, anytime. 

Dodge built a damn good truck in 2003 and the Hemi engine was as strong at 223K miles as the day we drove off the show oom floor. Same for the running gear. Fresh oil every 3000 miles/ updates and repairs always as needed. 

A dependable vehicle is an absolute must.


Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Black Friday and New Year's Eve....stay away from crowds. Store food, mindsets and keep knees bent.



A fire to take the chill out of the house and a cat that knows how to relax. Practicing for winter.
Appreciate the visit this week.
I crawl into this song every time I hear her sing it. Always volume up. I want to dance to the feeling.



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  1. PE 4 years ago should be dead as well. Wear your compression socks often as possible especially when mostly idle