Wednesday, September 28, 2022


A picture from neighbor shared yesterday. My wife asked me what kind of snake that is. I replied, "that kind of snake is a SNAKE!!!" 

If that was our chimney,  there would be brick repair needed. 

Actually, looks like the snake swimming across a pond towards us in a recent post.


SV AIRSPEED as beautiful on dry dock as in the water. 



An article.  A few moments of your time. 

Another few straws on the camel's back, huh? This is what folks in Europe woke up to this week. Much different from the days before and most likely not coming back for a long, long time. 

On a different note. How many folks in western Florida knew IAN was coming and have waited until the last minute to get ready/leave only to find out the shelves are bare? Oops!!

There are lessons here. 



Her and I attended a local fire arms show this past weekend. Maybe more from habit than anything else. Nothing we wanted/needed other than to walk the aisles and be “looky lous.” Last year's show highlight were the homemade hamburgers fresh off the grills outside. Messy and dripping with flavor. Add the chit-chat with locals at the picnic table. It was good.

Paid our entry fee, got wrist-banded and headed in. Her went here and I went there. Pausing, looking and knowing ahead of time that there is never a good deal on prices these days. Quite often all over-priced. But shopping is relaxed fun.

One table had a good assortment of pistols, a .22 in particular molded from a brand name 9mm frame. Exact replica down to the weight, feel in the hand and action. Price seemed reasonable in today's market.

I told my wife and she had me take her to the table. She liked the pistol, held it in her hand, racked the slide to see if she could. And then from out of the blue.

Can I walk over to the wall and try the sights?” A common behavior of holding and studying a new pistol in a crowded room. She wanted to see sight alignment and get a better all-around feel of the pistol. 

Point it at me. I know it is unloaded.” Yep, the dealer said that. My wife and I were drop dead flabbergasted. And then he said it again offering his chest as the target area. Sure, it was zip-tied through the barrel. All in that show were zip-tied in a visually safe condition.

In unison her and I replied an emphatic “NO.”   

Shows like these are run by very serious, safety-minded folk. Always. To include this weekends local show. Except, it would seem, for this guy.

My fear is that this seller offered himself up like this to others wanting to aim a for-sale pistol for the feel in that crowded room. The novice/untrained might just see that particular behavior as “OK.”  


History is being written faster than we can keep up with it now. 

Heads up this week. Skill sets. Eats, you are going to need it. 

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