Sunday, September 18, 2022


 Three years in  prison for violating heating rules.

This is worth the time to read and ponder. Criminalizing a population through government mandates; take note. This is what some of us talk about in that we may very well see the tsunami coming and should plan accordingly.

Winter is coming for all us. Some locations normally more severe than others. It is still winter and with that brings cold/freezing days for weeks on end. Sixty-six degrees F for the maximum temperature inside a home is cold in my book. 

Can't happen here? Power company locking your thermostat? A solution worth noting. This is the problem with being and living free. Free thinking. How to beat the system when it becomes rigged against the common man. 

If the power company has control over your thermostat, there is no need to mandate your compliance. You have already been removed from the from the decision-making process.

Who ya gonna call and "Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"


Several of the deer from the dozen that roam through here often visited earlier this week. They are friendly for the most part. They do not run off when approached and one deer approaches close out of curiosity as this video shows. They cannot be "shooshed" away.

They were happy to graze the front yard picking up fresh green grass to their liking. The cats have become bold enough now to where they stand their ground when the deer approach. One deer was "hissing" and stomping his/her foot as one of our cats did not move as the deer approached, nose to nose. The cats received a few "atta girls" protecting their space.

As mentioned in earlier posts, farmers are optimistic for another cutting of hay this season. They are talking that if they can mow now after the rain of a few weeks ago, that another rain might produce another cutting and bundling of hay before winter sets in. Our neighbor started mowing this past week in hopes of just that.


A young friend of mine shared a few pics of recently hatched baby ducks. Gotta tell ya, these little fellows bring out the "ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ain't they cute" response from me. 

But they do not receive names and you know why.  

The strapping young man, who shares these photos, says he cannot bring himself to send the ducks to the freezer when the time comes. But his wife wades in and gets the job done. No problem, muss or fuss. She also wades in getting dirty with gutting the seasonal deer because she wants to learn and has been proactive in the process of sending a few wild turkeys to the freezer, too. The turkeys landed in the field out back and stayed a little too long. Got a family to feed and all of that.

This may not be the best photo to share, but this more about brown rice and finally finding a way to prepare it with flavor.

I am a rice fan. Jasmine!! But as good as this white rice is with soy sauce, butter and sugar or added to a side of pork chops and gravy, there is not a lot of nutritional value. Not as much as brown rice. Rice has always been served as a filler here with added seasonings, etc. 

Brown rice in my experience has always tasted like cardboard and that is why I have avoided it. BUT but but!!

I rinsed the rice for two minutes (the secret), added two cups water to one cup of rice and a chicken bullion cube. Brought to a boil and then simmered for 35 minutes on low low with lid. Then let set for another 20 minutes with heat off. Bingo!!

I asked the net for some flavor ideas and there are plenty of suggestions. I used salsa and cumin. Mixed it in and topped off the meal with a grilled sausage from the bottom of the freezer. This rice, salsa and cumin makes a wonderful Mexican rice dish. Simple. Flavor, texture and filling. 

So what. This is just another skill set. One I did not have. Brown rice is now another filler I can add to a meal. If we have to feed more family or neighbors in the weeks ahead, I can at least fill them up and not have to stress. Prepping means not having to add extra stress in stressful times. FYI, add a lot of chicken bullion to your shelves. Learn how to use it to add flavor. You have heard this before.

One of the best up sides of learning like this is that anyone can tailor to their tastes. Winner winner rice dinner.

Bags of brown rice are still available today. So is chicken bullion. Small money. 


Most likely not alone in this feeling. Stories that use to bring out the NS or cannot believe response, now just washes over the landscapes of my mind. I arm chair time with the thinking of what else can I get done or add. There comes a point where we enter the end of the world as we know it with what we have. 

I stopped by at our local gas station for two fried chicken legs a few days ago. A snack. Five dollars and forty nine cents. Yep, five dollars and forty nine cents. Two fried chicken legs; in a box, two napkins. The gal behind the counter said that we cannot afford to eat any more. I replied that we are all going to have to stop drinking so much so we can afford to eat. She laughed and agreed. Five dollars and forty nine cents. 

I ate the two legs over the truck tail gate in the parking lot recognizing that these two pieces of fried chicken, that my wife and I grown accustomed to, may just be the last two fried chicken legs. Little moments like this are an awakening to the coming realities I read about. Maybe time to start raising ducks?

Racking the last two gallons of mead this morning. Orange and peach and one gallon of mango. I have enough now to last at least a year. Medicinal purposes and all of that.

First jar of pepper sauce this season. 

Takes several months soaking in apple cider vinegar before the flavor develops. From there the flavor only gets better. Locals have told me this is some of the best they have ever tasted. Worth the time! Do I use it? Bet your boots!!

Four more pepper plants added and I fear now this is becoming an obsession. Gonna make jars of hot sauce yes, but I just might have gone over the edge. Her has not said anything yet. 

I have a dozen bush beans sprouting. Learning how to nurture them without drowning or letting them dry out to death. So far, so good.

The middle of September, 2022. Just like that. Tippy toeing through the rest of this month and taking cover in October. Joking...ummmmmm!!

Work a new skillset this next week. Develop a new habit that helps shore up the moat. Love your better half, children, hold them close.  Let no one tread on you or them. 

Yep, appreciate you time here and the visit. Have a blessed week.



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