Sunday, September 4, 2022


Garden Wheelbarrow project nearing completion

Her is very happy with her new garden wheelbarrow. Full of bright mums soon and properly positioned in the front yard. 


Fields growing and greening from long-needed rain in east Texas. Lifesaving for the fields, lands, animals, farmers, cattlemen and folk. We say we are happy and follow up with prayers for more. 

 New local bakery with wonderful rattle-can art. 

North east 4-Runner project coming together.

"Gotta make one new brake line and bleed the system but she is back together and running with no leaks so we're good."

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want one, too.

FROM BUSTEDKNUCKLES BLOG POST.  Graphic violence. Enter at your own risk.

Watch till the very end to see how serious this is. At some point, the peeps may have had just enough.


Neighbor picked me up in his side-by-side to go pond fishing on another neighbor's farm land. He had fished there the day earlier and had picked up a few small bass which, in turn, he took to stock his pond. 

The ponds are just a few minutes away. Gate opened/closed and off through the scrub brush we drove. Parked near the big pond edge and started throwing lures. I got a hit on my first cast and that is the best fish story I get to tell. He, on the other, hand he caught four small bass and the big one pictured above. I have so much to learn. 

After a few casts, I noticed a water snake across the pond that starting to swim towards us. On the move, "S" turning its body in what appeared to be a deliberate trip to the exact spot from which we were casting. I joked that the snake appeared to be on a mission. Halfway across the pond, my friend picked up his scoped Ruger .22. Always has it with him in his side-by-side. Another learned lesson for me. 

We were laughing as the snake approached head on. Intent!! 

The snake did not like getting shot at. First couple hits were close and turned the snake, but not away from the heading it was on. Shot number 5 hit the snake. Dead snake. This was an unexpected day's fishing experience for me. 

I have yet to hear a snake story here, over these past few years, in which anyone has anything good to say about them. Everyone has a snake story. Everyone. Add to this that I hate snakes and spiders. This particular snake seemed bent on eventually dissuading us from using his pond. 

This snake has taught me to always have my .22 rifle with me when out on the side-by-side AND to wear larger hiking boots, at a minimum, out walking through the scrub fishing. I am teachable. 

As we headed to neighbor's pond to toss in the fresh fish, we happened on "Big Boy." Yep, the buck has a name. 

Stopped, turned off the side-by-side and we sat staring at each other for the longest time. I did not see the broken antler till I got home and looked at the pictures. I am to understand that this is part of shedding and the time of the season. Big, beautiful animal. 

I am told that there is a bigger pond with catfish in it that we are asked to go check out. Fishing! Someone has to do it!


September 2022 starts with our president calling out half of the American people now as the enemy. "You can look it up." 

I believe we will be see more of this from leadership and support staff.  I also believe there is an event or two coming that will be well choregraphed. Serious enough to require some kind of large scale government reaction.  I just do not know.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Skill sets!! Water, food and winter heat issues being solved. Watch over the children and keep them close 7 days a week. 

I appreciate your visit. God Bless!

An old camping stove and a good cast iron skillet.  

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