Sunday, May 29, 2022


Mourning this weekend for all of the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the USA armed forces. 

Also a special place in my heart this weekend goes to all my brothers and sisters who gave their lives fighting the Vietnam War.  

CWO-1, Arnie Nakkerud, you are not forgotten.

Graduation day for ARMY HELICOPTER PILOT WOC Class 66-17
Ft. Rucker, Alabama 


FIRST CAT SHOT.  Love the breathing. Three minutes.


Pickling cucumbers, zucchini and a few yellow peppers


Great flavor and texture. High yield of bread using less flour. 


Fresh Cucumbers

Pulled from the vine, wiped off. Top cut off and then eaten with a dash of salt on each bite. Much like a corn dog with a topping of mustard on each bite. Earthly fresh flavor and crunch.



Above jars just pulled out of the 10 minute hot water bath. Ten jars this day. 



Red potatoes, red onions, fresh parsley, fresh farm hard boiled eggs. Sweet pickles, olives, celery, mayo and a shot of mustard. S & P.



Hot water bath and done!

Thyme trimmed to dry. Will take a few weeks to dry. 

EOW eats.

Just-add-water pancakes.

Local honey, Aunt J's syrup and butter. Add water to the dry mix and a smidgen of oil to the pan. Quick, tasty and filling.

Again, not promoting. 

Today, these quick-eat items are still on the shelves and fairly cheap. Not the beans, but I bought this can over a year ago and thought it costly then for the amount. But out of the can, quick, easy and good eats for one person. Campers and backpackers know the ease of use of these examples. 

And who has not spent time with Ramen Noodles. I notice now that the Ramen Noodle aisles in the local markets are mostly bare. "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..."

If we go full-tilt Venezuela in the months ahead, these food group items will have been long gone.

Get 'em now, follow the directions, good eats and they add bulk at the meal table. I use a medium-sized skillet with a glass lid. Always yummy!!


World has 10 week supply of wheat


Texas elementary school shooting. Questions. 

Read and ask yourself similar questions. 

And a real-hero emerges. One man alone gets the job done.

Parents held back by heavily armed local police.


Big rains and storms this week followed by sun days and warmth. Local gardens are producing. We are canning as much as we can and sharing. 

A large package delivery carrier dropped off two cardboard boxes in torrential rainfall after dark last night and outside the fence. Nope, not wrapped in a plastic bag. 

My wife was just told over the phone that she, "is over-thinking her complaint." To which my wife laughed out loud, one of those laughs from deep inside and then politely thanked the gal on the other end of the line for her time. Complete incompetence. 

It would have taken one full minute for the delivery person to wrap the two boxes in one of the plastic bags they have for these kinds of weather deliveries and then gently drop the boxes over the fence. One minute. 

Wrong think on our part? 

Not going without a fight!!

Have a blessed week and thank you for the visit. 

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