Sunday, May 22, 2022


Just add water bulk pepper gravy mix for EOW.

This was a morning breakfast test of bulk (just add water) gravy mix her picked up a week ago locally. Two bags @$3 a bag. Not a food photo but a simple test for finding quick easy flavor in down times

The mix was very good. Served here with biscuits and chunks of sausage. Filling. Comfort flavors. Will work over most meats, potatoes, pasta, rice and even veggies.



I see memes and articles indicating, "no diesel, no food." These photos were pre-diesel work days. The fields were cut by hand using scythes. Horses worked. The whole family worked. Neighbors helped. 

During "these" work days, grandma was in the kitchen cooking the crew breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sunrise to sunset till all the hay was in the barn.

Extra foods produced were canned and pickled for winter use. 

The hayfields were then scattered with manure. Cattle by-product. And the seasons' growing cycles repeated.

This is one of my favorite photos of my grandfather. I edited for a closer view.

Just prior to posting this morning, my wife noticed that his right sleeve is shorter and appears to be repaired/hemmed compared to his left sleeve. 

On purpose or in keeping with nothing thrown away? My guess is that grandma repaired so the work shirt was still a good work shirt. Waste not want not!

Yet, the working of horses, hay wagons and tools working the fields, just maybe the sleeve would get in the way of a right handed person. Would not be out of the question for grandpa to tell grandma to cut the damn sleeve off. 



Do your homework and research. 

Front lawn stump pull:

Neighbor brought over his big boy tractor and yanked out the last of the small stumps in our front yard. Turns out the Cub Cadet cannot mow stumps and is currently in the lawnmower hospital getting new blades and an overdue tune-up, oil, greasing thing. 

This stump residue was home to thousands and thousands of those little ******* red ants. Boom!!!

I see "5 months" kicked around here and there. Five months till the final fall. Just before elections. Not too difficult to understand this timeline. June, July, August, September and October. We are in it now!!

Whatever any of wants or needs you have to get done, best to do all of that now. Same song and dance here. Week after week. 

Harvesting last of the onions today. Digging bucket 3 (of 5) potatoes and up-planting pepper starts. Pickling cucumbers soon. Cabbage a failure. 

We are murdering red fire ant hills on a daily basis. The little bastards have bitten me again, this time on my hands. One bite on my finger has been draining for 4 days now. The itch and irritation pushes me to my limits of wanting to dig holes in my infected areas just to reduce the itch for a few minutes. I learned that applying underarm deodorant fixes the itch problem immediately. Who knew?

Locals know this.

Have a great week. Appreciate the visit and God Bless.


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  2. My wife and I have found Southeastern Mills Gravy Mixes to be the best mixes out there, in our opinion, of course. They make a sausage country gravy and a peppered gravy mix. Try them, if you haven't. I think you will find them superior to most mixes available. Love your blog.

  3. Sleeve comment reminded me of Grandpa's 16 AWG single barrel shotgun. Had the trigger guard cut off so he could hunt in the winter with his gloves on.