Sunday, May 8, 2022


Old gal has run her race. Scheduled to come down soon. Her magnificent branches will burst into dust when they hit the ground. 


Meme found on Bustednuckles

  A place that makes sense and grounds me. 

Will share/harvest and eat every onion this month. 

Peppers and cabbage. Peppers were water-logged from two days of east Texas rain.

Pickling cucumbers are in high gear.

 String beans are hooking up and climbing more and more every day.

Pruning tomatoes this year in hopes of higher yield. 

Second year garden. I am happy with what I see. Small container garden is producing. 

Early morning breaks after a week of on and off rain. Heading into ten days of low 90 degree afternoons. I find proof in photos like this of the hope a new day brings.  

"BOB" returned home Saturday afternoon after a week in the hospital. New alternator belt, idle adjust and a little mechanic TLC.  

Lost misplaced my EDC pocket knife a month ago. Come to find out it was setting in one of the cubbies in BOB. Right exactly where I left it. 

The knife has character now. An old friend. Holds an edge like no other pocket knife I have had. Can open and close one-handed. Easily clips into my pocket. Lightweight. Very comfortable in my hand.

The Elephant in our rooms. 

The $6.49 diesel per gallon price jumped out of the print this morning. I scanned further down and again that number lights up. There comes a point where push comes to shove and there comes a point where the cost of fuel will shut down trucking. I see no other option. The cost of gas is close behind with the same effect of limiting much driving. 

The last paragraph sums it up. 

Not a day goes by where a corner of my mind does not spend time trying to predict the full failure month. A single event/black swan that breaks all the guy wires. Where panic sets in and everyone has that come to Jesus moment in the realizations that all this shit is real. All will recognize the approaching tsunami only to turn for high ground that is out of reach.

The moment we have talked about. Maybe somewhat planned for maybe not. The moment we all know that our lives will never be the same again. And within this meltdown, asking how do we cope/survive/help others/build/communicate/find truths and fight as we will have to?

Not a morning, noon or evening now where my wife and I do not acknowledge a new snippet of this world crumbling. 

The After content this week has been local. Not sure I can continue this week after week. I also do not want to spend todays and tomorrows writing from rabbit holes or shoulda woulda coulda pissing moaning. Yet, these days are exponentially historical. Facing them head on is key!

Focus needs to stay on all we should be doing. Building, repairing, local, health, skills, learning, simple, practice, understanding, trusting, new think, asking what else? 

Appreciate the visit this week. God Bless!


  1. Very jealous of your garden. I bought a number of seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Company and a starter kit complete with a greenhouse top and a warming pad for use at night. After three weeks, I have nothing, not sure what's going wrong so congrats on what you have.

  2. Always remember, It's right where you left it and will be in the last place you look. Hahahahahaha