Saturday, March 13, 2021


Vanishing point. They do exist!!

My wife kept looking the other way while I took this photo.

A Tomato Sandwich

Ranks right up there with PB&J if properly done. Fresh tomatoes, room temperature, on fresh bread, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and the mandatory diagonal half cut. 

I quite often eat one of these over the sink or outside just off the patio. No little finger in the air with one of these. A quickie, sloppy and not for public viewing. 



Neighbor stopped by last week with tractor and plow. Five minutes later I had two swaths of dirt turned up for planting extra garden. He said that this is very good dirt as he kicked at a dug up root. "Has been here undisturbed for quite awhile. Ought to grow garden just fine this season."

So potatoes in the ground, a few cabbages, second planting of more radishes. Radishes are an early grow, taste best then. Apparently get soft and hot to taste later in the season. 



If you like Asian food and flavors. 

Double the recipe but do not double the oil. Add your choice of sweetener to taste. A little goes a long way, but if you hit it just right, stir, taste, add, stir, taste, you will find this works wonderfully. Any sesame oil works just fine. Wife used blue sweetener.

Great on Jasmine rice, beef, pork and chicken. Fresh string beans, maybe broccoli. I found the flavor addictive and will most likely always ask my wife to make asparagus this way. 

These were leftovers the next morning. Not the best food photo. But it is the flavor here that kills. 

These were tender with the slightest crunch and eat like candy. My wife followed her mother's and sister's printed recipe above. Admits she has not made this for years. We were both more interested in getting this on the dinner table the other night and to dive into this sauce on steak, rice and asparagus. 

Take a few minutes and try it. Have the patience to tweak from tangy to sweet, depending on your likes.  A versatile flavor to add to your kitchen repertoire.



Paper-thin sliced beef, dipped in egg then flour/bread crumbs and quick-fried in oil on high heat. A drizzle of lemon is a must!


51,000 lbs. of Transformers

View from the crane cockpit. 


Searching for more flavor

What about this gallon of milk? Anything different?

Egg Foo Yung

Every morning now 'til the fresh bean sprouts are used up. 


EXCELLENT WAR STORY. From knuckledraggin my life away.

When men were men, could problem solve in the heat of battle and push a wounded F-4 to safety. I would so love to be in the middle of these two pilots telling this story from start to end. 

Does anyone even have a clue anymore of our history of everyday folks like this?

God bless them all I tell you!!


The After in east Texas has been experiencing warm weather, daily wind and low clouds. Very pleasant. Back into shorts, flip flops and t-shirts. Seventy three inside the house and 73F outside. Learning how the wind can dry out new garden plants living in buckets and bins.

Also introduced to garden weeds yesterday. Had forgotten about all of this maintenance. I need a good friend to come over every week for about an hour and teach me hands-on how to do this. Demonstrate through the whole garden. I will stand by, ask questions and compliment. 

Wife has to live with pin in the toe for two more weeks and wants to grumble some. She has had her fill with being tied down to a limping foot and having to watch every step. She is also a little pissy that she is still healing and her body orders a nap around 2PM each day. Heart-warming to watch her drop off the edge of the earth for an hour in her cozy chair. 

Texas fields are on a hard greening now. Very noticeable and livestock are once again on the good stuff.

But the 10 day winter did a number on yard plants and the such. Greenhouses have lost everything due to the freeze. 

We are in a wait and see for another month before we pull failed plants and replace if we can. Brother-in-law say he has lost a life time of landscaping in Dallas proper. 

Mask wearing is on the wane since the governor lifted all state mandates. BUT that behavior has taken root with many folk. And some businesses still want their employees to wear them. Signs on some entrance doors encourage customers to also continue the practice. NOT.

And: is C-19 vaccine or medical device? An article here. Do more research!

Big winds, T-storms and rain coming tonight and tomorrow. 

Thanks for the visit and you know I appreciate. 

Have a blessed week my friends. 



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