Sunday, August 30, 2020


Along the back roads of East Texas. Fields meet sky mid afternoon. 

Simplicity of corn muffins to go with dinner. They keep in the heat, split in half with a poke of a fork and welcome soft butter. Each muffin maintains its warmth and crunch. Comfort muffins from mix; repeat.

When was the last time you caught 15 fish in one day?

MB3100-BRN 600 lumens LED motion detection light. I chose this one because it was the first one I picked up off the shelf. 

Thirty dollars and uses 4 "D" size batteries (good for one year, so they say). Screw in mounting bracket, plug and play. Light stays on for 20 seconds and gets two thumbs up in my need for nightlight book. The light comes back on for another 20 seconds from motion. Again and again.

Pocket knife is a Boker Automat Kalashnikov 74. Found it at a large gun show and the price was reasonable. The sales person said he only had two left. "I wonder how many times he said that during the show?"

This pocket knife has been EDC for the past 6 months and holds a razor sharp edge. One of the reasons I purchased the knife. And the reason my wife wants nothing to do with it. I have offered it to her to use when she has needed a knife for a simple cutting job, but always a polite, "no thank you."

Example: To this day, I cannot open plastic packed goods without having issue and getting P'Od. This pocket knife zips through the sides of this plastic product packaging easily and safely. Because it is razor sharp, all I have to do is control pressure and direction of cuts. The sharpness of the knife easily/safely moves through these tasks.

Another test, for what I consider to be a sharp pocket knife, is how many times I have to swipe through a piece of rope to make a cut. This knife is one swipe. 

The auto open is convenient as the other hand is often full when the knife is needed. Simple in design, comfortable in my hand and dependable function.

The Multi-Tool is one of several I have picked up at surplus stores. Not always on me, but usually close by. I find the plier mode most often used and in that use alone, worth having a few around the house and car.

(Yes, the stud finder works as advertised. First one I have ever used/owned)

As stated here before and often, the products I share are not an official endorsement. Just sharing stuff off the shelf that works for me.



Perfect sear keeps juices in and marbled fat turning crisp.

Two 14 oz. Raider Red Meats boneless ribeyes (Lubbock, TX.) gifted as a house warming gift over a month ago. They have been waiting patiently in the freezer.

Wiped the cast iron pan with oil, sprinkled salt on the bottom of the pan, medium heat to hot up the skillet and dropped in a steak. Two minutes each side. Then one minute turns till done. Wife is a 5-minute rare, mine 7-minute medium rare. Let rest 5 minutes a must. No other seasoning required.

By far the best ribeye steak I/we have ever had. Bar none!!


The heat and humidity have returned. One hundred nine feel like weekend with humidity. Early to town, Farmer's Market, grocery store and home. 

A dog this relaxed in the middle of coming and going is a dog worth noting. Only when I got too close to photograph, did the dog half roll on its back, paws hanging loose in the air. Not even a full roll on his back submission move. Half hearted at best. 

As soon as I backed away the dog went back to soaking the cool out of the shade. 

Fresh string beans, baby red potatoes and many a "good mornin - - howya doing today". 


The RNC 2020 convention, Hurricane Laura and Kyle Rittenhouse set the past weeks news to the history books.  

Your visit, as always, appreciated this week. Stay away from crowds.

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