Sunday, August 23, 2020



111 degrees mid-afternoon, feel-like temperature. Neighbor's horses keep cool under a growth of trees. 

Early morning looking East.


Settling in. 

For the most part, all is said and done moving to Texas. There will continue to be many little things to tend to, but our todays and tomorrows will be spent here. 

This past week saw our living room come together with rugs and furniture set in place. Guest bedrooms are set up, but continue to serve as storage for stuff to put away. Beds serve as flat surfaces to work from.  

We spend more time rocking in our chairs on the front porch here than all the previous years up north combined. Evenings are comfortably warm and we visit time away like water over a fall. We talk of life, living and chores of the next day. Who knew that husband and wife had a million little things to talk about for hours on end? The countryside always beckons for a road trip.

These flowers were tucked into a tree line on our way home from western towns. They are Fuchsia venusta and I do not know what new Blogger wants from now me when I try to post a link. So you will have to look it up until I figure it out.  

Eating out several times a week is a treat. Texas BBQ,  authentic Mexican from tucked away resturants and ice cream treats are appreciated.

We have found eateries w/o mask wearing issues and staff that welcomes us as regulars. These are small things, but in the current climate of social and protest meltdown, freedoms to live life every day are to be savored. 

All is quiet except for roosters talking near to far and small deer dancing in the large green pasture across the road.

We are learning how to find our corner of the world without using GPS. Back road turns are marked by trees, hills, ponds and fences of the lands. More and more local stores have been found for the basic needs from fresh fruits, butcher shops and vegetables to building/repairing materials. Major east/west freeways and north/south highways melt into never-ending back country in one turn.

My wife often mentions her impatience with getting back to hobbies we have enjoyed over the years.  Soon...very soon.


Inside the forest, vines climb trees for sunshine.

Farmer has a boat to float and fish his pond.

Rusted chicken farm.

Saturday morning market.

All fresh.

Photographer's playground.

Other side of the Saturday street.

More play.

Dollar banana bread. Just add coffee.


I found fresh ground All Purpose White Flour at this market  and had to try a loaf of bread using that flour. The flavor and texture were improved. 

The fresh ground flour looked like sifted flour. More activity during first and second rising. I did let the first rise go 3 hours and the second rise 2 hours. A little more time given to the whole process. I also kneeded the bread a little more each time, too. But every kitchen atmosphere is different.


Thanks for the visit this week. 

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