Sunday, July 19, 2020


Last day in our Pittsburg AirBnB. Clean-up and final car loading of our stuff collected and stored for the past 2 months. 

All of the farmers hay is stored now and the working farm, we have enjoyed, is back to other normals. Cows now enjoying a portion of the new grass growth in cut fields. I think that the owners may get in a second cutting this season. 

This little home has served us well in our transition from New Hampshire to the back woods in Eastern Texas.

First rule of wing-walking is to insure a good grasp of the next wire before letting go of the current wire. Today, we let go of the current wire. I will also let go of counting weeks here in Texas in future blogging. 

My wife's New Hampshire Valentine's Victory Rose has a new home. 

The rose has been replanted and today lives in the bright hot Texas sun. This rose seems to be thriving on watering every two days and soaking up the Texas sun and heat. Four new rose buds are a good indication of "Victory's" health. Happy wife.

We have found more than our share of broken home goods in the moving process. Some of it seems gratuitous and that some folks had to go out of their way to cause some of the damage we have found. 

Add to this was the stolen tool boxes. But we have to keep on keeping on and we work all of this the best we can. My repairing skills are being put to use daily now.

I turned these two bowls in my high school shop class in 1962. Mom loved them. They will come back to life here showing more wear and tear.



Thin-sliced pork chops are a normal cut of meat here. Thin steaks also. 

They are also on a few of the local restaurants' menus, fried and served with mashed potatoes and gravy. 

We are finding them a new breakfast meat with excellent flavor. I use the two spices above and fry on low-medium heat for 6-8 minutes or so. Two eggs over easy and a pork chop starts many of our mornings. 

I think I got the seasoning on the left from Bass Pro when I purchased a can cooker last year. These two seasonings together work wonders for flavor. 

I am not promoting these spices, just sharing. Two thumbs up! Mrs. Dash serves us now as are cutting down on salt in our daily diets.


Early morning dew rising over the fields beyond this tree row. 

All things green are covered wet with morning dew. I figure this is one of the keys to all that grows in this daily sun and heat.

The heat of August we are yet to learn of. Locals say "just wait for the heat of August." 

Right now, the heat of summer is a wall we walk into late morning till sun set.

Folks tell us that Dallas is going/has gone cashless. A few stores in the bigger towns around us also have gone cashless. $5's, $1's and change no longer being delivered. 

A year of rumors of a cashless society coming to fruition. 

Masks everywhere. One of the most successful fraud's perpetuated on the American society in the history of man. 

We have been away from most all media for two months. No TV, no news. All of our time has been moving and all that entails.  

How about that NFL and NASCAR?  I hear rumors. 

Keep your heads up and knees bent. We are in THE AFTER. 

Thank you for the visit this week. 

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