Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Furniture and boxes moved in. One bed assembled. Fridge just arrived - no washer or dryer yet.  Purchasing basic tools as all that we shipped were stolen in shipment.


Afternoons feel like temperatures at 110 degrees. But, we are here in the new home and setting anchors in the back woods. 

This week is one box at a time, fixing broken furniture and trying to put away stuff without having to do it twice. This will continue for some weeks getting the home looking and feeling. First home cooking, too. I have enjoyed eating out every meal, but it is time for getting back to an old normal in the home cooking department. 

Garbage pick up; internet hook up; carport shop pad pour; home generator install; front yard clean up for planting of things green; all in the queue.  

My wife's Valentine Victory Rose to find a forever home off of the front porch. From a single blooming bud, riding passenger all the way to Texas, it appears to be healthy and happy in the hot weather. Maybe it is the daily talking to of encouragement and praise, along with water during the hot dry days, that the plant appreciates. 

It is next to impossible for me to negate or ignore the comings and goings of life in the larger towns around us. Mask wearing and distancing is on the rise and stores and restaurants that just weeks were up and running w/o issue (normal of the old days) are this past week in full tilt C19 bat crap crazy.


The products being sold come second to C19 and a constant cleaning crew moving about spraying, wiping, and pushing a product through mid-air to the customer. There is no escaping the feelings that we are some how infected and danger exists in the imaginary empty space around us. Mask and glove wearing minions seem to visibly shrink in size while they hand over of a product. 

Just yesterday I saw a hand holding couple walking alone on a small town back country sidewalk wearing masks. I can only shake my head in disbelief. 

Signs say to wear masks and half the folks do not. We avoid, if we can, the mandate of mask wearing posted on the front doors of some shops. And yes, the chin masks suffice in all venues. I tried that in one such store and no one batted an eye. Also works in restaurants with "no mask no service." 

In we go with masks on chins which meets the mask wearing mandate. The eye doctor office gal had to come to me to tell me to get my mask on. I politely told her that some employees were not wearing masks so I thought it ok. Her blinking must have hurt. And she was one of the folk walking through the office just minutes earlier w/o a mask on. 

The choice of any mask wearing in any business seems to fit the moment for the individual. Say "huh?" twice is always followed by a mask removal. Always!! And here in lies the global absurdity of all of this. I do enjoy going against the arrows painted on the floors. I notice that I am far from alone.

People pushing back (against C19 mandates) is quiet and some what out of sight. It looks normal and fits in the flow of current main stream.  Watching people wearing and not wearing are teachable moments for me.   

There are still a few good restaurants where the food is beyond excellent, tables are free to sit at and freedom is alive. Each day and meal is a gift in all aspects of the old normal. Every meal and dish constantly as good or better than home made.

Of course the "no mask; no service" is in bold all black caps pasted on the front doors of some businesses. I have never seen businesses going out of their way in signage and employee confrontation to push paying customers out of their doors and towards their competition. How does a business model like this pay all the bills and make a profit? As long as the paychecks keep coming; who cares how customers are treated? 

AND AND just down the street a very nice restaurant is open at 50%, clean and customers are met with a smile and are welcome. Service is prompt and the food excellent. 

Enough huh!! 


Take five minutes of your time. Watch and listen. Short post this week so you have time. 


Probably be a couple weeks before the next post. No Internet. We are in the queue. Apparently folks who have signed up ahead of us come first. Normal things in an abnormal world!!

Appreciate the visit. Heads up, knees bent and keep on keeping on.

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