Saturday, July 11, 2020


Biscuits for one x 3. Breakfast sausage packages x 2. Breakfast for four with leftovers.

Visiting family in Dallas. Homemade cooking was soaked in white gravy. Smothered pork chops and rice for dinner, biscuits and gravy for breakfast. 




Leaving homeport knowing that returning is in the plans is one thing, but throwing off the security of the lines, angling away from the dock with doubts of ever returning is noticeably different.
Everything on the boat is all we have now. Twenty years of preparing left on the dock.

The weather, the roads and destinations hold wonder, excitement and challenge. 

The strength of my wife and I are paramount.

The colors of every day life is noticeably brighter. 

Today and tomorrow dominates.

Add a world in turmoil   

Mistakes and successes write the next test.

Worrying and patience are proving to be some of life's best taught lessons. 

Acting on those lessons daily. 

Recognizing helping hands from greedy hands is learned quickly and dictates who handles a bow line. 

My wife says, "it's just you and me!" Is this not the case for everyone when all is said and done?

And herein lies the last 20 years of marriage, changing our lives, our homes and learning about growing old in The After.

If we had waited until today to do all of this, it would be too late on most levels. How the world worked just months ago no longer exists. Or at least the difficulty of "working" has increased several fold. Short problem solving times have turned into longer time spans. 

Availability of basic goods are one to two months out delivery with a caveat of "if they still make that or provide that service and if it will be available." Hope is now at work in doing a lot of daily business. 

I would guess that half the population we see in the back country is buying into fear of Covid19. Mask wearing or not mask wearing.

It appears that in the larger cities (like Dallas) the whole population who is out and about are believers and in some degree of fear. I am not sure how else to qualify this other than all of the visual clues watching people shop and stepping out in public. Driving in public. Walking in public.

All I can do is shake my head when many of these folk wear their masks under their chin or partially covering their mouths. Many masks appear to be well worn like an old t-shirt worn for weeks. 

Government mandates seem to be observed. Yet protesters gather around the country at will in complete disregard of any Covid19 regulations. Up is down, down is up, there is here, left is right and right is left and the use of guns is on the rise daily with killings of innocent people a no-never-mind. "Social distancing" is everywhere.

We have noticed that prices have doubled on many familiar goods over the past 6 months.

Manufactured food shortages are in the news pre-shadowing what is still ahead.

" No. Try not.  Do. ...or do not. There is no try."  Yoda 


SOCIAL DISTANCING. You likely have the seven minutes to watch the video.

I cannot imagine what schools are going to look like across the country and the world. Personally I believe all of it is going to disrupt and damage all children in the name of all that is deemed "good and safe". It is not good/safe and the agenda at work be as plain to see as a car wreck.

Having children or grandchildren heading into the public school systems ought to strike fear in the hearts of all. What to do; how to do; when to start; what groundwork needs to be laid; managing a working household; how to help other like minded parents/grandparents; standing ground when push comes to shove??? 

Be wary of anyone promoting "social distancing" in public schools or some sort of mix. Be wary of mask wearing mandates. If any/all of this is affecting you, step back and consider the impact on the children; your children.

Some feel good educational jargon to get use to:

*interactive tools for students, parents and educators
*tools for planning and tracking academic progress
*for the sake of the child  parent webinars and of course podcasts
*child serving professionals
*for the family during this trying time*team collaboration
*insights and assessment tools 
*asynchronous assignments and collaboration
*hybrid learning
*from the comfort of your home
*normal for your child to feel nervous or worried
*masks and distancing???
*changes may create challenges for families
*still details to be worked out...
and will leave all of this here. There is no lack of this kind of school jargon and balonium on the net. Start reading all that your school district has online.  

Develop and foster strong central family(s).


Our living out of a suitcase, boxes of stuff and two cars has worn out its welcome. The security of the AirBnB also provides basics of living spaces provided and a view. One week left on our rental and we need to be out of here.

Daily heat index now 105 degrees or more mid-afternoon. Car ice chest full daily with water and a few GatorAids. Locals say get done what we need to get done by noon. Find things to do inside. Lasts into September. 


".... the best places to be in tech have now become some of the worst places to raise a family, practice a faith, or even think freely."

The wanting of freedom is a powerful motivator. It was the driving factor for my grandparents leaving everything/family and coming to America. 


As much as the world is in flux, there is also still some normalcy

Half of the hay bales here are in their final resting place after the harvest. Some will be sold and some will provide the farmer feed for his cattle. 


The hay fields returning to normal growth in the Texas sun and rain.

The land appears content to have the hay bales removed and to be left alone from man's working machinery. 

Piney Woods 4th of July Weekend


  Thanks again for the weekly visit.

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